Monday, January 29, 2007

Some packages!

Last week I recieved 2 lovely parcels in the mail. I took the pictures and right after the batteries of my camera died, and I only got around charging them last night. It has been to damn busy.

Anyway, here we go!

First there's the handspun sockyarn swap! The yarn I spun arrived at Beth's last week, and she seems to like it. My swap partner was Cary who sent me some super lovely yarn :

Handspun sockyarn swap

Isn't that just gorgious! The "grey" skein (it's bit more coloured in reality!) is combination of Gulf coast Native Sheep wool and silk. The blue skein she added because she thought the other wouldn't be enough. It's Corriedale. And the batt is a sample of wool from her own farm! I love it so much! Thank you Cary! Oh, and not to forget, she also included some bamboo DPNs, not in the picture. Big, big thank you! I already have plans for the yarn (I'm thinking socks with a fair-isle cuff or leg pattern!).

Next I got the second Yarn Aboard box in the mail, containing the fiber. This box went through a lot (more on Amanda's blog), and it finally showed up here, mailed to me by Jennifer.

Yarn Aboard 01

The box had Baby camel roving, and Alpaca, in it.

Now I was going to send the box out again on Friday but unforseen stuff kept me from going to the PO (and I refuse to go to the PO on Saturday if I can avoid it). So over the weekend Henry Morgan went on a trip to my house and look how I found him :

Yarn Aboard 02

He found a bottle of Belgain Vanilla flavoured Geneva! He seems to have quite the drinking habit, don't you think? Well, he's off today to the States again!

Now over the weekend I also started a knitting journal :

Knitting journal Knitting Journal

This is the front page. This book is going to keep track of my finished projects, though I'm still not sure which language I'll be using in it. I think English as that's the primar language I use for knitting, but Dutch is still my mother tongue. I don't know yet. The pictures of the 2 FOs of 2007 are already in it, just need to write down all the info.

I'm doing some cleaning today, tomorrow I'm back to work so I should get some stuff out of the way!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Offering some yarn

I'm still trying to get rid of yarn, though it's little by little. I'm now offering some yarn here on the blog for free. You just have to pay the actual shipping on the yarn (with the yarn I sell I always pay about half of the shipping ,but here I'm going to ask for the full shipping, sorry).

A few estimates of shipping outside Europe :
- up to 350gr : €5,60 (US$7,50)
- up to 1000 gr : €15,40 (US$20)
(I think most I'm offering will be over 350gr when adding packaging, and I'm not splitting the yarn, sorry!)

Inside Europe will of course be less. This is priority shipping!

So, if you are interested, email me. The first one to email me for a certain amount of yarn will of course get it.

Free yarn 01

100% wool, about worsted to heavy worsted weight. As most of my yarn there is no label. A nice deep brown colour ( a bit deeper then what's shown on my computer). 3x100 gr. More then enough for a decent scarf. I originally bought this for a pair of legwarmers.

Free Yarn 02

Collection of different yarns, all 50gr balls in black. All is 100% wool though it can be combination with other animal stuff! :D All between DK and Worsted I think. 7 balls total, I think all balls are unused though they might be rewound due to coming loose in the bag they were in.

Free yarn 03

This is a cotton/acrylic blend, though I don't know the exact combination. It feels extremely soft and is about sport weight. I died it up before with Acid dyes and it came out beautifully! I have 3 bags of 10x50gr each in pure white. (I'm not much of a cotton type and this just will keep up taking space).


As I can't get this sold, I'm just offering it up.
65% mohair, 35% Acryl 6x 50gr ( aprox. 190m/208y) Needles : 4-5mm

There's enough for a small cardigan or such. Also very nice for a scarf or shawl.

Let me know if you are interested. As for the shipping weight, you need to add about 100gr for the packaging so that'll give you an idea of what it'll cost you! And I can only accept Paypal, unless you are inside the EU!

All the WIPs

I decided to make a list of all the WIPs I have on the needles. There are 19! Let me see :

The ones I'm going to finish for sure :

  • Raspy Sweater (sleeves are started, but need to finish, am waiting as this'll be a summer sweater)
  • Rowan Sweater (started front but am going to restart and knit in the round)
  • Sockret Pal socks (stalling on these)
  • Vintage socks socks (Need to look up the name, but I like them, but they are on 1.5mm needles!)
  • Lace Scarf mohair (for LYS lady, from Dutch magazine Handwerker zonder Grenzen)
  • Nantucket Jacket (Back done, half way through the fronts)
  • Kureyon Scarf (just because I am in love with the one I have already)
  • Legwarmers (for my sister ...)
  • Bolero (needs to be done by Saturday! :D)
  • Socks grandpa (because I love him and couldn't not knit him these!)

Things I might eventually finish but don't know when just yet :
  • Socks blue/purple (own design) (just bored with these, but I'm on the leg of the second sock so it's stupid not to finish them)
  • Phildar Baby sweater (hate the yarn, will finish though, some day)
  • Dreamcatcher socks (own design) (barely started but the design is hounting my head!)
  • Mystery Stole 2 (well, one day ...)
  • Lace sweater Rowan (because I have no choice, it's a commissioned knit though I don't know the lady still wants these)
  • Lace Kneesocks (from a vintage design, ...)
Things that are most likely going to be RIP!

  • Arisaig (it's a UFO really, and I'm no longer in love with the yarn)
  • Mystery Shawl 1 (I don't think I'll figure where I am on the charts, and I think ripping is a no so this'll end up in the bin)
  • Snake skin socks (just don't know about the pattern, will re-use the yarn for another pair of socks most likely)

Just amazing! The lists of things I can hardly wait to start is immense, but I figure I should get a few things out of the way first.

I'm cleaning up, by the way! That's why I know about all these! I might have even missed something, I don't know. We'll see.

More cleaning calls me!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More FO's!

Yep, I seem to be able to finish a few things up! I won't have everything finished by the end of the month but this is better then nothing.

First up, one that has been on the needles for quite a long time :

Lady E (1) Lady E (2)

The close-up is a bit weird, but still. Oh, and yes, still need to knot the second fringe, didn't feel like it yesterday (and my back was hurting because of the bending over).

Stats :

Pattern : Lady Eleonor from Scarf Style (do I really need to link this?)
Yarn : Noro Silk Garden #234, 10 balls
Needles : 5mm Addi Turbo circulars
Started/finished : started ages ago, finished January 22 2007

Modifications : I did use smaller needles, and I just knitted till I ran out of yarn, but apart from that I didn't change a thing!

I still need to block the shawl, though I don't know when I'll do that. I will wear it on Saturday though, to dinner with my inlaws.

Second FO :

Ribbon scarf 2

Stats :

Pattern : Ribbon scarf from Holiday Knits
Yarn : 100% mohair, from LYS
Needles : 5mm inox circs
Started/finished : started on January 20, 2007 finished January 22 2007

Modifications : After the last increasing row I doubled my yarn for a last row and the cast off.

This was a commissioned knit (I wouldn't wear this myself). I'm getting tired of these scarves. It takes forever to complete a row near the end and there is no pleasure in knitting it.

I also have been spinning quite a bit more then my usual, probably because of my 'no new projects'-rule which I'm keeping to quite well!

Handspun superwash merino

100% superwash merino, handdyed, spun to about fingering weight. It's about 95 grams so enough for a pair of socks.

This is intended for my sockret pal, but well, I'm a bit confused right now about the swap and all. We'll see.

Talking about the sockret pal exchange, I had the most lovely pal. She sent out her last package quite early - got it more then a week ago while the swap actually lasts till the end of March - and revieled herself. Sadly she lost her youngest daughter in a tragic car accident on Saturday morning. Please do pray for Debbie and her family!

First the package from December :

Sockret pal 2a Sockret Pal 2b

There is a glass angel missing, but she spent the entire season in my tree! I did get socks in every package (we were only supposed to send one pair throughout the swap). I also got a lot of little knitting notions, needles, and extra yarn. In this package Interlacement and Lorna's Laces (there were 2 balls, only one in the picture).

Sockret Pal 3a Sockret Pal 3b

The last package, with lovely bathing stuff. Again, socks, and some mystery yarn (she didn't include the label). Stitch markers which I think are handmade and another pair of needles in a hard to get size (for me that is, over here they don't sell the 2.25, 2.75 etc. sizes).

Debbie, thank you so much for being such a great pal. I'm thinking of you and your family all the time, and I'm sending you all the support I can throughout this difficult time.

By the way, it's finally getting cold over here, would that be good enough to start a pair of mittens and a hat with earflaps, in case I go back to work by bike next week? :D

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What world do with live in?

(copied from my LiveJournal)

Yeah, what world do we really live in?

Last night my inlaws called to tell me the police was there to look at the car as I had had an accident. I was stunned. Yeah, the car is officially in my FIL's name, that's why they were there. I was upset and cried, later on I was really angry.

I started running over all the situations that I had been in the day before, and couldn't imagine I had hit a car or anything else. There was only one busy and possibly dangerous point I had passed, but didn't remember anything special.

This morning the police came by over here. They read me the statement of the other guy. I was almost speachless. He actually had stated that I had hit his car, had felt it and had purposedly driven off!!!! At least he could have had the decency to say I might have not felt it!

Anyway, I remember the car. he passed me (I was waiting to enter a round point kinda situation, if you know what I mean) and strangely slowed down just before me. I remember that. I remember I had stopped, as you go just over one of this high things to stop speed. I didn't even go over the stop line! I know I didn't hit anything as I didn't feel it nor did I hear it (and I have no radio in my car, mind you). The dog didn't react either and she was with me in the car. She would have if she had heard anything at all. I just drove off then, looking behind me and thinking that it was strange what that car had done, but well, they do strange things on that point. Nobody made any intention to stop me. It really was a big lie to that he couldn't stop because of trafic! You can easily stop there and put on your 4 lights, nobody will run you over.

Now thinking over the situation I do remember the situation as it's a point I always pay extra attention. There is no damage to our car either, we checked big time! We don't have a new car and haven't been repearing small things as we are planning on getting a new car next year, but all of the damage is accounted for (by the garage!).

A few months ago I did stop after an accident with hardly any damage. We both were at fault there though I still know I didn't leave my strip. There is hardly any damage to my car and my car was hit at a weaker point then the other car (mine was in the door, his was in the bumper) and now he wants a new bumper!!!!

Why the heck would I drive off there? I mean, I have insurance, I hadn't been drinking or anything. I had no reason to drive off, nor would I ever do that! Now there's a possibility I'll loose my drivers licence and this'll go on my record! Goodbye straight record. That guy must be some guy to be willing to put me through this.

Thinking of it it's the third time someone is trying to frame me for something way bigger then what really happened.

I really do feel like a criminal though I'm convinced I didn't do anything! I swear, when is this ever going to get any better? I attrackt bad luck. 2007 has been a hell of a year so far!!! I'm out of money, I'm in serious physical pain and now this! I'm more then happy to skip the rest of the year, thank you. I'll have to make a list of the good things or I won't be getting through this all.

Off to the vet with the dog now. A bit of better luck would be really nice right now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First FO of 2007!

As promissed : here is the first FO of 2007!

Opal 6-ply knee socks

Stats :
- Yarn : Opal 6-ply
- Needles : 2.75mm inox circs
- Started/ended : started somewhere in November, finished yesterday January 15th 2007
- Specials : I knitted these toe-up, the first time. I split the yarn in 2 balls and knitted till I ran out of yarn, just enough for the socks! I used a short-row heel and increased when I felt like it for the calf-shaping :) These socks feel so comfortable!

So I hope this'll be a good start of 2007, hopefully a lot of socks will follow!

I've also done quite a big of spinning. I was in a handspun sock yarn swap but - I might have mentionned it before - the first hank wasn't my liking. Here is what I ended up with :


The big hank on the right is the first yarn I tried spinning. It's a 3 ply. I tried carding merino roving with flitter and faux cashmere. I do like the colour, but the yarn is way to thick. The small hank beside it is the left over in a 2ply. I do have a project in mind for this!

The yarn on the left is a silk/merino blend (roving bought like that) I handdyed before spinning it. I love how it turned out! This yarn was sent out to my pal. It's pretty thin too! I took a close-up but should have used something for scale :

handspun - close-up

I think this can count as sockweight! :D I think it's about 400m at 100gr, so that's about right! As I said, I had a hard time parting with it!

On January 7th I had a big dyeing party here at home! :D I love dyeing yarn. Anyway, I took a picture of the first batch (forgot to take one of the second) :

handdeyed yarn/fiber

The 3 yarns on top are sock yarns, well, the big hank is a new yarn I just got through the mail, 90% merino, 10%nylon or something like that. Really nice yarn. The smaller 2 are 100% wool. The smaller ones are in special for colourwork. The yarn on the bottom is 100gr of laceweight wool, and I'm totally in love with the colours! The 2 rovings are superwash merino I'm going to spin up for myself.

I died more small hanks of yarn and some roving. I'm going to dye some more small hands of wool for colourwork on socks.

As you might notice at the sidebar I signed up for Project Spectrum! My goal is the following : I want to knit colourwork for each challenge! Can be socks (most likely), gloves/mittens or other small objects. As some of you might know I'm in love with fair-isle and I really want to knit up more in that! I do give myself the right to use black every time as a basic colour. Like combining a variegated colour with black for fair-isle, which is something I love. Oh, and not only fairisle, but also slipped stitches are an option. I'm really looking forward to this!

It does fall in with the fact that I do not allow myself to start anything new before February 1st! I have to many WIPs, so bad I hardly have needles left! One of these days I'm going to make a big list of all the things I have on the needles right now, including the needles-sizes! Plus I am going to see if there is anything I want to rip.

In 2007 I want to be a finisher more then a starter. I'm not making promisses as for the amount of WIPs I'll have at one time, but still. If you have less on the needles you do finish stuff quicker!

Oh, and right now I'm not really allowing myself to buy any yarn. Well, I should join a stash-along, but good thing I didn't do it yet! I bought yarn today. Well, part of it was on sale, part of it was for a project I already had the other yarn for, and then the last part was an addition to yarn I already had. My LYS-lady had some "left-overs" of yarns I had bought most of and she gave it for me, cheap! So it's not really "new" yarn. Plus I exchanged it for a big cone of bad yarn.

Anyway, off now, to do some more knitting/spinning before I take my painkiller and am knocked out for the night!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Still trying to get rid of stash

I just posted again at the Destash blog. I would love to see more of these yarns going. I know my prices sound really high, but the shipping I add is so low I have to pay half of it myself, which is usually half of the price of the yarn I'm selling. I would love to swap this yarn as well, but nobody is interested.

Still if you are looking for some of this yarn, take a look.

Some of you might remember I once tried to sell handdyed sock yarn. My proud was some angora sock yarn, good quality. I can't help but still love dyeing and I think I don't do such a bad job. But well, I gave up pretty quickly for various reasons (one of them being that I realized not many people would be really interested in having yarn shipped oversea if they can get it cheaper in the US/Canada anyway).

Anyway, I always go through the Destash blog and I was stunned when I saw one of my yarns being there, sold. It's a bit sad the person never tried knitting with the yarn. I whish she had let me know what was wrong with it, why she didn't like it. I wouldn't take any offence at all. I mean, after all I can always use constructive feedback. Then again, she might just need the money or so, but still. It felt really strange.

I long took the blog down with the yarns I have fore sale and I'm slowly getting rid of the ones I still had. I'm still dyeing way to much yarn/roving ,but these days it's mostly for myself.

I'm knitting, and spinning. But it's all slowly. I'm on sick leave for the hip issue, it's a big inflamation and all that. I'm in pain a lot of the time and can't really get rid of it. Like today I did a trip to town to do some nessecairy shopping and bankstuff. I was feeling so bad afterwards. Problem is, if I don't do it it doesn't get done.

I'm going to do a bit more knitting/spinning, and then off to bed. I'll try to post my first FO of 2007 tomorrow, in the hope that I get a decent picture taken of it all.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Louët story

No pictures today, but my weekend/early week experience.

I'm in a handspun sockyarn swap and we are supposed to send out our yarn tomorrow. Unfortunately of course, I had waited to long to actually work on this. Well, let me refraise that. Weeks ago I had dyed up the yarn. I had decided I wanted a special blend. So I tried to blend 90%merino, 5%flitter and 5% faux cashmere. The problems already started with the blending. I wasn't able to get it through my carder properly and it wasn't really "blended". I started spinning it anyway. It spun up quite nicely. Not that my spinning was perfect. Well, after finally finishing the 3 bobbins of singles on Sunday (I was adventurous and wanted to try my first 3ply) I started plying with my new Victoria wheel. To end this story before I start the one of the wheel, the yarn was to thick for the sock yarn I wanted and thus will stay here at my home. I'm already spinning other yarn, a pre-blended merino/silk roving.

Anyway, after about 10 minutes of plying the wheel started acting up. I didn't really worry at first as it was my first real sping with the wheel (I had brought it home back in November, but never found the time to actually sping with it, though it was tested at the home of the dealer). I started looking at all the upper parts to see what was wrong but couldn't find it. Kept trying to spin, changing all kinds of stuff. But nothing helped. Then I somehow happened to glance down. And I immidiately noticed the problem. The connection from the threadles to the fly-wheel was getting loose. As the Victoria is a travel wheel you have to slip a plastic holder over a ball-bearing attached to the fly-wheel. That ball-bearing was getting out of the wheel, already about 1 cm by the time I noticed. Got out my tool kit (very limited) and screwed it back in (the ball-bearing is attached with a regular screw). Started again. Things went ok for about 5 minutes. Same problem. And by trying to remove the plastic holder I pulled out the complete screw. As some of you might know : if you pull a screw out the whole it was in gets to big and you can't attach it anymore. So I was desperate.

As I did not know how to fix this (well, I knew several ways but didn't want to do it by myself) I called the bf. I had to wait a few hours for him to come home, but he did help me. We went over the possibilities. We eventually ended up screwing the ball-bearing back in at the different place on the wheel, which worked fine while spinning the rest of the yarn. But bf did say the wood was quite light for a screw and I did notice I was spinning left (to ply) which is the regular way to unscrew a screw!

By then I had already emailed the dealer and Louët. The woman (dealer) told me I shouldn't have done anything to the wheel, because she couldn't return it that way. She also told me Louët usually didn't respond to emails through their website, you had to go through the representatives.

The next day to my big surprise I got a very nice reply from Jan Louët! He told me this was a failure that shouldn't have happened and I would get a new wheel. He himself suggested temporarely fixing the wheel (he gave me a few options but not the one we used!) till I got the new one, and I would get that straight from them and no through my dealer. I emailed him back what I had done with the wheel, and that I did want a replacement as the wheel was still new and I was afraid for more problems (I could keep the fixed wheel if I wanted, but didn't need to keep it). They only had one wheel left in stock - will have new ones by February - and that one I would get.

The third email however someone else was emailing me and that person suddenly said I wasn't getting a complete wheel, only the fly-wheel! I didn't want that, as I'm not brave enough to replace that myself (well, it could give more problems that way as I'm not an expert). I send him a copy of the first email in which a new "complete" wheel was promissed me. Luckily the new wheel is in the mail to me as we are speaking! I don't know how long it will take. As soon as it gets here I'm to return my wheel to them (at their cost).

Now they did tell me they had already developped a new system for the whole connection thing. Good, 'cause I don't believe it was a good way. But hey, you can't be perfect from the first time off, right? Anyway, the wheel I'm getting has the modified connection, so let's hope it works.

So I'm very please with Louët! They have a really good service and I like that!

Luckily I still have my S45 to spin! Love that wheel!

Tomorrow I'm seeing a specialist for my hips and knees. The last 3 weeks I've been in enormous pains. I'm used to pain in my left knee as that one has some really serious problems. But this is more then just a bit pain. I can hardly sleep from that pain, and Wednesday at work was hell. I could hardly do the stairs, every part of my hurt. Of course my bf immidiately said it was from horse riding. Now I haven't been riding during the holidays so the pain I had then wasn't because of the riding! And Tuesday - the first time I went riding - my hips and knee were already hurting before I got on the horse! It hurt at first but after adjusting the lenght of my stirrups I had no pain at all! And during the riding and afterwards I was almost pain-free (expect for the pain I occasionally felt in my left knee but that's always the case). I didn't take any heave lessons, just light stuff. I was feeling a lot better till about 2 hours after when things started hurting again like hell. I went riding again this morning and I had a jumping lesson. I was expecting that would hurt as it's a lot more intense, but not at all! I didn't have any pain! I did feel I had almost no control in my left leg (my left ankle is sore too) and could not support my horse that side (sorry, horse talk, hard to explain). But apart from that no pain. And now sitting hurts, going up stairs hurts, and even when I'm laying down it hurst all the time! I know that's not stuff muscles or my regular pain. This is more.

I didn't want to go to work tomorrow because of the stairs. So my regular doctor was willing to write me a note as it's hard to get an appointment with a specialist soon. But I called and I can go by tomorrow! I know this guy is super as he treated various members of my family. I has no big name but doesn't want that. So tomorrow I'll know what's wrong with me. Please think of me because I hope I won't need any surgery or anything. I'm just getting back into the swing of things with the horses. I like my work and don't want to give it up because of the stairs (well, what work will I be able to do then if I can't do stairs, right?). Plus, I have no money. I'm almost broke and still have a few bills to pay! I have good insurance, but I still have to pay a small fee.

I have more to tell but I'm in pain and I need to cook dinner! Another boring night though. Our tv-cable got cut of on Monday (another long story) and we now have to wait till next Tuesday for a digital connection. I do have some DVDs to watch, but it's not much. We'll see.

One more thing : does anyone know a good way to read while you are knitting? And I mean regular books! I need a way to put them up in front of me and keep them open!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year! And some Christmas knitting

First of all, Happy New year to you all! I'm not very good at sending out the whishes, never have been. It's because I'm not big into the new year. It has never ment any big changes for me, usually the bad continues and so does the good. I mean, it's not like this is all changing!

But for you all, I do whish you all the best and nothing but good luck of course.

I'm not one for many resolutions, I only make small ones that I can keep. One of them right now is that I really want to finish up that bunch of WIPs I'm having. It's just to much. Others are to knit more for myself. Put more time in the other creative loves (paper arts, writing, ...). Also starting some kind of education will be part of this year but probably not before September. We'll see.

The only big step will be some possible major changes in my relationship. A lot has been going on - partly the reason I'm not around to often, I want to keep it away from this blog - and it's time to take some steps, 'cause right now my relationship seems pretty stuck. Now if you are interested in my more personal stuff you can read it over at my LiveJournal.

Anyway, As I mentionned before I took the big decission not to do any Christmas knitting this year. To little appreciation for the knitting in general, and I wasn't going to rush over stuff that wouldn't really be appreciated. So here is what I did end up knitting (all pretty small projects) :


Sorry for the blue line around the picture, don't yet now how to change this! :D

Anyway, From top to bottom, left to right :

* Fingerless gloves for the lady at my LYS (personally addapted from Marnie MacLean's Hooray For Me Gloves), in handpainted pure wool, fingering weight. 2.5mm addi turbos were used.

* Ribbon Scarve From Handknit Holidays, in 100% mohair, about 75gr I think. For my aunt, the only one to recieve a handknit item from me for Christmas!

* Cute Dog vest modelled by the owner Zico (doggie of my mom). Pattern is Penny, knit in superwash merino yarn. No mods made, but requests for a longer one are in as Zico loves his vest! :D

* Bedsocks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage socks, knit in angora sock yarn (my own! :D) on 2.25mm inox circs, for the other lady at the LYS.

* Super cute Candy Cane Hat (from Handknit Holidays) modelled by the sweetest girl around here (the little sweety I babysit almost every Saturday). Knit in Superwash Merino (again no brand, as when I do not mention a brand it's from my LYS, from cones straight from the mill). Need one of these for myself! :D

That's it, no more Christmas knitting. I mean to do the same for next year. The only "late" christmas gifts I still need to knit are the socks for my grandfather, but he's in no rush at all. :D He's sweet.

That being it, let me show you the last FO from 2006 :

Estonian socks by Nancy Bush from Folk Socks
Yarn : Regia sock yarn and Arnell sock yarn
Needles : 2mm addi Turbos
Modifications : some for the heel, but as I didn't remember what I did the first time I had a hard time doing the same for the second time.

Close-up from the top :

I started these on the plain to Turkey this Summer (July 6th if I remember correctly), but never got around finishing the second. It took me less then 2 days to finish up half of the leg (white part) and the foot. Don't ask me why it took me so long. Yeah, way to many other knits (often requests/orders). I like these socks! :D

I might addapt the pattern a little for a following pair, to make myself a pair of knee-highs, but without the clock pattern (so plain leg). I love the colours on these!

There are no FO's for 2007 to show yet but there will be soon! I'm really getting on with my knitting right now! (though last night I collapsed with a major headache - uch-)

Remember the roving I mentionned last time? Here it is :

It's 100% German wool. It's really soft and easy to spin. I don't really like the golden/orange in it. So if you are interested, give me yell! It's about 150gr if I remember correctly. Just some plain roving or some of your handdyed is fine by me!

Oh, and last for now. There is a bunch of books I would like to buy, but I need to save up money just in case things do go wrong, and I have to much stash anyhow. So I'm selling some of my yarn over at the Destash Blog. So please, if interested, check it out. I would be willing to swap as well. Here's a little list of the things I would like to have :

* from Schoolhouse Press, the following books :
- Poems of Color by Wendy Keele
- Two-End Knitting, by Anne-Maj Ling
- Norsk Strikdesign
- Knitting from the Top by Barbara G. Walker
- All 4 Knitting Patterns books by Barbara Walker
- Three-cornered and Long Shawls by Sigridur Halldórsdóttir
- Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller
(many of these books are either not available over here ot way to expensive)

* Socks That Rock sock yarn in lightweight (anything that doesn't have bright yellow/orange in it), Liza Sousa sock yarn

* Circulars from KnitPicks

* Circulars in sizes 2.25mm and 2.75mm (prefer Inox)

Hmm, there might be more. Anyway, if you have anything of this you would like to swap for any of the yarn, or maybe something else, let me know. It speaks for itself that the books should be in good condition! Just take a look at the sale, you might find something you like! (And if the prices are to high, make a good offer!).

That's it for today. Maybe one of my Resolutions should be to post more often? :D