Friday, June 20, 2008

Knitting socks, and more socks!

Last year I joined the 52 Pair Plunge, but I got discouraged half way through and didn't pay much attention to it. Thanks to some last minute Christmas knitting I managed to get about halfway. I had put myself some limitation that made it hard for me to get to the total amount.

This time I decided to join again, but be less strickt. I'm allowing myself to knit a few pairs of baby socks, and I know there'll be quite a few sport weight socks, maybe even thicker. I might not get to 52 pairs, but I hope to knit more then the last round.

Anyway, as I'm in the mood to knit socks these days I decided to get a bit ahead if possible. So here are the socks I already knit :

My creation

More information about each pair at Flickr. As you can see, 2 DK weight pairs, one sports weight pair and a baby pair. I still think I'm not cheating! :D
I have some regular socks on the needles, like the Herring socks (Ravelry link). They were started at the end of the previous theme of Project spectrum, but I never made it far. Though I'm usually a big fan of colourwork I somehow do not enjoy knitting these socks. I think it might be the yarn which feels quite weird. But I have to get used to it as there's plenty more in my stash! :D
I'm also resisting the temptation to start more socks. I might start a pair of No Purl Monkeys (again Ravelry link), and I'm working on some more baby socks in the Monkey pattern, just as a way of experimenting.
So yes, it's mostly socks around here! Though I also would love to start a few new projects that are no socks, or even finish up some WIPs (again, no socks). But as the mood for sock knitting is here I'm just going to keep going for a while, till I'm bored! :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long time ...

It's been what? Six weeks? Maybe more? Yes, a while. I've been around the Internet, I've been knitting and I've been busy, but I didn't feel like posting.

First of all, thank you for the support as for my previous post. I'm still very confused and am not very further then I was a few weeks ago. Some days are good, some are really bad. It's hard to get a clear picture, to make decissions about my future. I will have to, but it's still to chaotic. At the moment I'm in a bad period where I want to cry more then laugh. Adding that Summer is starting and it's just not my favourite period. I hate the irregularity of Summer, when the holidays start for the kids. I hate the long evenings and the weather that doesn't make up it's mind. It creates more chaos then usual for me and I just don't like it. But I'm still around, no worries!

Little over 2 weeks ago I broke my big toe of my right foot in a little accident with some horses. As a result I was home from work for - originally - 4 weeks. Now, about a week after the accident I was full speed again and couldn't sit still, so yesterday - 2 weeks after the accident - I started working again and I'm doing well. I have a high pain barrier and feel little. You should have expected me to get a lot of stuff done these past 2 weeks, but hmm, didn't happen! :D That's just me.

But wait, you came here for the fiber content, right? Or at least something creative? Let's see, where to start.

First there's the cashmere scarf I finished a few weeks back. I'm on a scarf binge, want to have tons on the needles. But after finishing this one I didn't cast one on as I'm determined to get a few other projects done!

PS3 - Earth Scarf 01

It's the Leaf Lace Pattern (Ravelry link) and I knitted it out of some Posh cashmere in the colourway Evergreen, which I found was perfect for the then ongoing theme of Project Spectrum, Earth. Green normally isn't my colour, but I was amazed with the amount of green yarn and fiber I still had in my stash. Most of it I got through fiber club memberships. I won't buy green that easily unless it's moss green.

In the same period I decided I wanted to spin up some earth themed fiber. I had quite a bit around to spin up but this is all I got done :

Handspun Yarn - Verdant

This is fiber from the Hello Yarn fiber club. It was from January 2008, which is quite recent (have a lot of "older" fiber in my stash!). It's a merino/mohair blend, 4oz spun at about fingering weight yarn, about 460 yards. It might become socks ...

I spun up some more fiber but I haven't taken pictures yet. Maybe later today, the weather is quite good!

As for spinning, I'm on a roll now and like spinning a lot. But time is the big issue here. Now we are on another theme of PS3, Air. I love the theme, but it's hard to find appropriate colours in my fiber stash. I don't like yellow and luckily there isn't much of that colour in the stash. And grey and white, well, I do have some of that (plenty even) but I'm not in the mood to spin solids. So we'll see what I find! Air does come in more colours if you ask me! :D Luckily PS3 isn't really limiting the colours.

I have been liking PS3 quite a bit as it's been forcing me to use some colours I usually would ignore! Well, force, it's not that bad, but still. It does make you explore other colours and that's really good for me!

I joined the 52 Pair Plunge again! :D I think I got about halfway the last round, so I'm hoping for a bit more this time around. I already have a few socks knitted, but I'll keep them for a next post so I'll be around again sooner!

Hope you are all enjoying Summer, or Winter if you are at the other side of the world, and happy knitting!