Sunday, October 24, 2010

A sweater and a shawl

While trying to get my thoughts (and life) back on track, I've been knitting like crazy. Tons of things on the needles. A few things that are finished but aren't photographed yet (and it's raining again, so no more pictures today). But I did use the sun this morning to get pictures of 2 projects!

First of, it's my 5th sweater for the IntSweMoDo2010 challenge. As I mentionned before I will never make it to 12 before the end of the yarn (unless I can skip work till the end of the year), but I'm happy with every sweater I get done!

Silk Alaxandra Hoodie

Pattern : Alexandra Hoodie by Romi Hill (from the Fall 2010 issue of KnitScene)
Yarn : Textiles de la Marque Soie tweedée
Needle size : 4,5mm
Started/Finished : August 13 2010 till October 14 2010
Love how this turned out, love how it looks! Hated knitting the hood, I don't think I'll ever like knitting a hood. Takes forever! I also thought I messed up the seems but turns out a good blocking took care of most issues. It's small, but I don't think I would want it any bigger. I look forward to wearing it this Winter. It's only Autumn and I have been to cold a couple of days already!

Silk Alaxandra Hoodie

The yarn is beautifull! Oh, I forgot the changes I made to this pattern. I didn't do the seed stitch on the shoulders and I only did the brim of the hood in seed stitch. I just didn't want to much of it on the hoodie, and I like it a lot this way!

Let's hope I can show more sweaters soon!

2 years ago I knitted my sister S a scarf and according to my mom she wore the thing till it fell apart. So this year she asked for a new scarf, and according to fashion I decided to knit her a kerchief/shawl rather then a scarf. It was a gamble as I hadn't discussed this with her, but she loved it!

Blue Springtime Bandit

Pattern : Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon Osborn (pdf here)
Yarn : Textiles de la Margue Aspen (mohair/wool blend) in blue
Needles : 5mm
Started/Finished : October 14 tot October 19 2010
This was a quick and nice knit. I love this wool and am already knitting a scarf out of it for me (and I have enough for a sweater). I didn't make any changes to the pattern! Now I know I need to knit a complete one for myself! :D (Previous one I ran out of yarn quite soon, see ...)

Blue Springtime Bandit

Of course now she requested a Calorimetry to go with it. The amounts of requests for handknits has been amazing, I cannot keep up with it. And I've decided I want to knit for myself!

There is no progress on the Christmas socks for my family, not one pair has been knit and I still don't feel like knitting them. But I need to get started, only 2 months left ... .

I'm dealing with a huge headache today, and the boyfriend is out again for most of the day. I'll try some spinning, maybe some knitting.


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your sweaters and shawls are absolutely beautiful!

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