Monday, June 21, 2010

A tiny bit of spinning

Has it been so long already? Oh my, didn't know I hadn't posted since April, but there is so little to post about. Oh well, a little update is maybe possible.

There has been very little knitting going on because of my extremely busy shedule. I'm running around all the time an when I'm not running around I usually fall asleep within minutes on the couch. The only decent knitting time I had was on the train, so that's kinda sad, right? But there's hope for the future! It should all slow down quite a bit in little over a week. I'm only working 3 mornings in July and I'm not teaching at the riding school, and even though there are still some busy weekends and there is out trip to prepare for, I do hope to have some more time and some more energy!

As I said my knitting time has been limited to my time on the train, and well, it's been very boring. Remember this?

Puprle Ice Queen Cowl

I knitted this cowl for my LYS-lady. She loved it so much she asked me to knit a bunch for her to display at her store. I already knitted 2 purple ones, and a blue one. I now started a pink one, and I need to knit 2 black ones, 2 whites and a brown. And I thin I said I would knit a light blue one as well. And she wants them next week! Yikes. She already has the purple ones. I'm bored of knitting these and I surely don't know if I'll be able to knit 3 more before next week! Ugg. I don't think I will ever be able to knit for money!

I have fallen in love with shawls all over and I have decided - as I'm not really into knitting socks right now - that I want to knit up my nice sock yarn into lightweight small shawls! I can wear them through Summer and then Autumn, so it'll be super nice. I already started one (left it at home though it fits in my purse perfectly, but that way I have no choice but to knit on the cowls when on the train!) and I hope to finish a few more before leaving on holiday!

I have been trying to get into spinning regularly again as I would love to participate in the Tour de Fleece. Of course I can do only part of it on my spinning wheel as we are leaving on our holiday half way through and I can't take a wheel with me. I plan on taking spindles though! :D If I had followed the boyfriends choice of going to France I would have been able to take my wheel, but I'm quite happy with the holiday we booked and I've been loving my spindle a bit more recently.

Anyway, here is one yarn I finished recently :

Monster Mash

100% Falkland
Spunky Club fiber October 2006
2ply, 310yards to 4oz

I enjoyed spinning this as I just spun it as it was comfortable, not trying to spin this or this thin. I also tryed spinning long draw, although it was more a supported long draw. But it turned out a nice and lofty yarn with plenty of yardage, and I love the colours way more after the carding! :D

And now, counting down ...