Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fresh Veggies and New Handspun!

This morning, when the sun was still shining, I saw my little "garden" through my kitchen window and it looked like this :


(The stuff showing in the reflexion is garlic and some French herbs that are in my kitchen)
I only have 2 terraces and last year I started growing tomatoes on them. The boyfriend made the 2 big boxes (which carry crocusses and then tulips in Spring before I put in the tomato plants). There are 2 new boxes to the left that have nothing in them yet but will get stuff soon. Anyway, on the table is some thyme and rosemary herbs (the one in front is technically a flower plan but there are no flowers and I have the feeling the plant won't survive much longer either). At the right is a little Hot Pepper plant and on the bottom is a Paprika plant (was on the table but I put it down before we left on holidays as it's quite big and if we have a good thunderstorm it'll blow over).
Beneath the tomato plants are 4 boxes, 2 had radishes in them (all gone now, will plant some more I think), parsley and chervil. There are flower plants on there as well. The idea was to have all the flowers on the upstairs terraces and all the fruits and veggies on the downstairs, but I never managed so they are everywhere this year.
Anyway, the haul this morning :


I will of course never harvest what you get from a regular garden, but at the moment I wouldn't have the time to keep up with a regular garden anyway, so I'm pretty happy with this!

Sharing some other stuff, I got to take some more pictures (though it was already cloudy by the time I took these) :

The Last Unicorn - Handspun

These are the singles I spun on my spindle on holiday. The fiber it's called "The Last Unicorn" from Blaze of Glory Fiber arts, bought last year on out trip through the US. I plied it on my wheel and got about 343meters out of 2oz, which I think is great! Oh, and the fiber is Silk/Merino/Alpaca blend. I think I could call this a laceweight, right?

The next yarn I only wound off the bobbins :

Myrtle wool

It's the Myrtle fiber I spun for the TdF, actually my only totally finished project! I got a total of 460meters to little less then 8oz, so a good dk weight I think. Plenty for a nice scarf or so. It's dark BFL, a club colour for the Spunky Club.

I had planned to go to my LYS today but couldn't reach my friend (which means the store is closed I guess) so I'm at home and plan to get some fibery stuff done after I cleaned up the kitchen and get the laundry in the dryer!


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