Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rainy Sunday knitting!

The weather is acting more and more like Autumn here and you won't hear me complain! :D Way better knitting time and motivation to get a go at all those sweaters I really want to knit (it's still 20°C so no chance of wearing them yet ...)

As my LYS was having a limited amount of a silk/wool blend in I started another sweater :


Pattern is the Alexandra Hoodie by Romi Hill, published in Knitscene Fall 2010. I already liked the pattern when I first got the magazine but I was planning on digging the stash. This yarn of course is perfect and my LYS lady agreed with me! So I started knitting as I need to know how much yarn I need so that I can buy just what I need. My LYS has a really small amount so she want to be able to sell what I don't need to others (which I totally don't mind!). I plan on making a few modifications, like not so much seed stitch (I like the seed stitch but it eats yarn like crazy!). What you see here was done in one day, last Friday. Due to technical issues I was stuck almost an hour extra on the train to work, giving me the chance to get a ton of this done!

Of course I hadn't planned on starting this pattern now. I wanted to start the tunic/dress I mentionned last time (the Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki). I had chosen the yarn (100% alpaca in a purple/grey colour) and ordered the KnitPro needles (I did have the proper size in my Addi collection but the cable wasn't long enough, so I decided to order a 3mm interchangable which I didn't have in my collection). The needles arrived and the swatch was knitted :


My gauge was a tiny bitt off but as this tunic is top down in one peice I could easily modify it. It's on hold now. I plan on starting it as soon as I get the striped cardigan done. On the last sleeve of that one. We'll see how quick it all goes.

I do need to organize my knitting time as I need to finish an order for my LYS lady as well and I have very little time left. I don't like it, but I have promissed.

Today was a productive day (even with the tiny bit of sleeping I got), though not for the knitting. I started a new scarf on the loom and I finished spinning the singles for the 4 Ounce Challenge (more about that later!). Off to do some more knitting before I fall asleep!


OpenID sweetpea16 said...

Oh I'm jealous about that silk stuff... it looks wonderful!!!

Over here in Lux it was barely 16 degrees yesterday, so I wore my funnel neck top all day long hahaha. I'm not used to the 'cold' anymore. Oh and the rain rain rain made it worse I think. Now I'm going to shower and get ready for a walk... haven't walked for almost 2 weeks (and yes, it is 5.30 am...)

cheers, Eva

5:31 AM  

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