Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First FO of 2007!

As promissed : here is the first FO of 2007!

Opal 6-ply knee socks

Stats :
- Yarn : Opal 6-ply
- Needles : 2.75mm inox circs
- Started/ended : started somewhere in November, finished yesterday January 15th 2007
- Specials : I knitted these toe-up, the first time. I split the yarn in 2 balls and knitted till I ran out of yarn, just enough for the socks! I used a short-row heel and increased when I felt like it for the calf-shaping :) These socks feel so comfortable!

So I hope this'll be a good start of 2007, hopefully a lot of socks will follow!

I've also done quite a big of spinning. I was in a handspun sock yarn swap but - I might have mentionned it before - the first hank wasn't my liking. Here is what I ended up with :


The big hank on the right is the first yarn I tried spinning. It's a 3 ply. I tried carding merino roving with flitter and faux cashmere. I do like the colour, but the yarn is way to thick. The small hank beside it is the left over in a 2ply. I do have a project in mind for this!

The yarn on the left is a silk/merino blend (roving bought like that) I handdyed before spinning it. I love how it turned out! This yarn was sent out to my pal. It's pretty thin too! I took a close-up but should have used something for scale :

handspun - close-up

I think this can count as sockweight! :D I think it's about 400m at 100gr, so that's about right! As I said, I had a hard time parting with it!

On January 7th I had a big dyeing party here at home! :D I love dyeing yarn. Anyway, I took a picture of the first batch (forgot to take one of the second) :

handdeyed yarn/fiber

The 3 yarns on top are sock yarns, well, the big hank is a new yarn I just got through the mail, 90% merino, 10%nylon or something like that. Really nice yarn. The smaller 2 are 100% wool. The smaller ones are in special for colourwork. The yarn on the bottom is 100gr of laceweight wool, and I'm totally in love with the colours! The 2 rovings are superwash merino I'm going to spin up for myself.

I died more small hanks of yarn and some roving. I'm going to dye some more small hands of wool for colourwork on socks.

As you might notice at the sidebar I signed up for Project Spectrum! My goal is the following : I want to knit colourwork for each challenge! Can be socks (most likely), gloves/mittens or other small objects. As some of you might know I'm in love with fair-isle and I really want to knit up more in that! I do give myself the right to use black every time as a basic colour. Like combining a variegated colour with black for fair-isle, which is something I love. Oh, and not only fairisle, but also slipped stitches are an option. I'm really looking forward to this!

It does fall in with the fact that I do not allow myself to start anything new before February 1st! I have to many WIPs, so bad I hardly have needles left! One of these days I'm going to make a big list of all the things I have on the needles right now, including the needles-sizes! Plus I am going to see if there is anything I want to rip.

In 2007 I want to be a finisher more then a starter. I'm not making promisses as for the amount of WIPs I'll have at one time, but still. If you have less on the needles you do finish stuff quicker!

Oh, and right now I'm not really allowing myself to buy any yarn. Well, I should join a stash-along, but good thing I didn't do it yet! I bought yarn today. Well, part of it was on sale, part of it was for a project I already had the other yarn for, and then the last part was an addition to yarn I already had. My LYS-lady had some "left-overs" of yarns I had bought most of and she gave it for me, cheap! So it's not really "new" yarn. Plus I exchanged it for a big cone of bad yarn.

Anyway, off now, to do some more knitting/spinning before I take my painkiller and am knocked out for the night!


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