Friday, October 01, 2010


Remember the 4oz Challenge on Ravelry I was talking about? I was hoping to spin, knit and write 3 patterns. My fist patterns, and also my own personal challenge for the month, writing a pattern.

The spinning and knitting went quite fast, it was easy and fun. But then the writing of the pattern. It was making me so nervous and I kept putting it off. On Wednesday night I started realizing I probably wouldn't make it. I wanted nice looking patterns that were well written, but I knew it was a huge thing to do. And I only had till September 30 to actually send in the patterns. So I was about to give up.

But last night, after a ton of setbacks, at 2am (over here it was already October, but luckily the US is so far behind and for the challenge it was still officially September!), I finished the second pattern and got them all published on Ravelry!

So here you go :

Autumn in Summer

Autumn in Summer Shawl
Lace pattern in Handspun yarn. The shawl is easily adaptable to make bigger. Knit out of 100% BFL, Spunky Eclectic fiber in colourway Hidden.

Ravelry Link

Criss-Cross Around

Criss-Cross Around
Easy circular lacy shawl, also easily adabtable and designed so show off handspun! The lacy-ness is actually not created by the pattern (it has a simple cable), but by the big needles.

Ravelry link

As you can see both patterns are only available as PDFs through Ravelry. At the moment that is the only way I am going to offer them. If you are not on Ravelry and you do not whish to join (it's free, so just try it!) then you can always email me and I'll send you a copy. They are both free. I will of course link to them in the side-bar!

I did not finish the third pattern, which was actually the only pattern that needed a specific yarn. The 2 patterns above are flexible, which I like for patterns for handspun as it's not always easy for spinners to spin that perfect yarn they need! Well, at least not for all spinners and I don't consider myself much more then a beginner yet!

I do have a few more ideas in my head, but first it's Socktober! I'm going to use this month to get a quick start on my Christmas knitting, which won't be easy as my sock-knitting mojo is completely gone. It's not my official challenge of the month, but it will be a challenge to actually knit socks!


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