Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new start with some old projects!

It has been ages since I posted here. It's been busy, and I haven't been feeling to great lately, but I'm knitting a lot and I haven't forgotten about the blog. Some of my favourite bloggers have decided to stop blogging and that's sad. But I do understand. I seem to be on Ravelry a lot and use that site to keep up with everything. I still want to blog though, even if it's only for a few readers!

There are of course a lot of projects to blog about, and I might miss out on a few. But that means I have a few things to write about in weeks/months where I don't have anything else to blog about. I do need to find a method to take some good pictures 'cause I really hate how some of this stuff is turning out. I have a set-up in mind that I might try in the near future, let's hope it works! If you want to check out all my knitted stuff, go to my Ravelry page!

Recently I had I photosession with my boyfriend outside, mostly to fill up the blanks on Ravelry. But I got some pictures of a few of my favourite sweaters (well, I don't have many finished sweaters!). The pictures aren't great (I never do well on pictures and my boyfriend is far from a professional photographer) but at least I can show my stuff now!

Red tweed sweater

(I'm sorry for the white belly showing in the pictures! As I said, I don't manage to look to great on pictures ...)

Pattern : Phildar (Ravelry link)
Yarn : superwash tweed from my LYS

I don't remember much more info of this sweater, I think I knitted it mostly as written in the pattern. It's a bit to short but at the time I didn't have more yarn and it's a bottom up sewed pattern so there is no way to lenghten it. Mabye I'll knit a longer one some day! I love wearing it with a sweater under it!

Glee sweater

Pattern : Glee by Sarah & Rachel
Yarn : Klaziens Kreatie Shetlands Wolle
Needles : 3.25mm and 3.75mm

It took me about a year to knit and even longer to add the closure at the top, but once it was finished I fell in love! I love this sweater and it's really warm! I could have been a bit smaller but it now allows me to wear a few more layers underneath, so that's ok. Good thing I have a huge list of things I want to knit or I would knit this again in not time! :D

I think I'll keep it at 2 projects for now and might try to write another post over the weekend. Would be nice if I could do that.

For those who keep track of my Ravelry page, I put a lot of projects on 'time out' for the time being. It helps me to concentrate on some other projects and I have to say that I since managed to get some older stuff finished, or at least some decent progress. The actual promiss was that I would only start one new project for every 2 I finished, but it's hard to keep doing that. I have knit a few quick projects since, mostly hats. All for others and nothing for me :(. I did finish a quick shawl for me but it was a bit of a dissapointment as I ran out of yarn way to quick. I still need to block that shawl and I will wear it!

Last night I cast on for this scarf (ravelry link again). I hope it'll finish soon, so that I can work on some other projects, but I am in love with the scarf!

As you might notice there are no socks to show. I've decided this Winter will be all about scarfs, hats, and hopefully sweaters. I am finishing the socks I have on the needles and I will knit socks for Christmas for my family (I haven't started them yet - yikes! - but I have decided they will all get thick socks this year so it'll be quick knitting, I hope!), but I'm not casting on new socks for me right now. My sock drawer is overflowing as it is and though the urge to knit more socks is still there, I really want to knit other stuff! I hope to knit up some sweaters, but we'll see!

I have been spinning a little in between, but not as much as I want too. Well, I don't have enough time as it is, so no surprise. Also, still haven't started weaving and the end of the year it'll be a year since I bought my loom. Isn't that sad? I keep on telling myself I'll start something but well ...

Anyway, some proof of spinning :

Maldives - Finished 01

Fiber : Maldives, Hello Yarn Fiber Club
100% superfine Merino, about 5oz
Spun as singles for the Spunky Lace Singles KAL/SAL (again Ravelry link).

Started this shortly after :

Tara ripple scarf

I wanted a simple ripple pattern to show of the striping, so I used the first part of the Tara Stole by Amy King. I'm about half way through the yarn (the big skein of the 2 only) and I hope to finish it, but it's on hold for now as I'm working on a few other projects.

There is more to show so hopefully more to blog about. I am hoping the weather will turn colder soon. It's been very warm out here for the time of the year. I am still hoping we will get snow though I know that might never happen over here. Oh well, one can only hope!

Hopefully see you soon!