Thursday, January 25, 2007

All the WIPs

I decided to make a list of all the WIPs I have on the needles. There are 19! Let me see :

The ones I'm going to finish for sure :

  • Raspy Sweater (sleeves are started, but need to finish, am waiting as this'll be a summer sweater)
  • Rowan Sweater (started front but am going to restart and knit in the round)
  • Sockret Pal socks (stalling on these)
  • Vintage socks socks (Need to look up the name, but I like them, but they are on 1.5mm needles!)
  • Lace Scarf mohair (for LYS lady, from Dutch magazine Handwerker zonder Grenzen)
  • Nantucket Jacket (Back done, half way through the fronts)
  • Kureyon Scarf (just because I am in love with the one I have already)
  • Legwarmers (for my sister ...)
  • Bolero (needs to be done by Saturday! :D)
  • Socks grandpa (because I love him and couldn't not knit him these!)

Things I might eventually finish but don't know when just yet :
  • Socks blue/purple (own design) (just bored with these, but I'm on the leg of the second sock so it's stupid not to finish them)
  • Phildar Baby sweater (hate the yarn, will finish though, some day)
  • Dreamcatcher socks (own design) (barely started but the design is hounting my head!)
  • Mystery Stole 2 (well, one day ...)
  • Lace sweater Rowan (because I have no choice, it's a commissioned knit though I don't know the lady still wants these)
  • Lace Kneesocks (from a vintage design, ...)
Things that are most likely going to be RIP!

  • Arisaig (it's a UFO really, and I'm no longer in love with the yarn)
  • Mystery Shawl 1 (I don't think I'll figure where I am on the charts, and I think ripping is a no so this'll end up in the bin)
  • Snake skin socks (just don't know about the pattern, will re-use the yarn for another pair of socks most likely)

Just amazing! The lists of things I can hardly wait to start is immense, but I figure I should get a few things out of the way first.

I'm cleaning up, by the way! That's why I know about all these! I might have even missed something, I don't know. We'll see.

More cleaning calls me!


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