Thursday, January 18, 2007

What world do with live in?

(copied from my LiveJournal)

Yeah, what world do we really live in?

Last night my inlaws called to tell me the police was there to look at the car as I had had an accident. I was stunned. Yeah, the car is officially in my FIL's name, that's why they were there. I was upset and cried, later on I was really angry.

I started running over all the situations that I had been in the day before, and couldn't imagine I had hit a car or anything else. There was only one busy and possibly dangerous point I had passed, but didn't remember anything special.

This morning the police came by over here. They read me the statement of the other guy. I was almost speachless. He actually had stated that I had hit his car, had felt it and had purposedly driven off!!!! At least he could have had the decency to say I might have not felt it!

Anyway, I remember the car. he passed me (I was waiting to enter a round point kinda situation, if you know what I mean) and strangely slowed down just before me. I remember that. I remember I had stopped, as you go just over one of this high things to stop speed. I didn't even go over the stop line! I know I didn't hit anything as I didn't feel it nor did I hear it (and I have no radio in my car, mind you). The dog didn't react either and she was with me in the car. She would have if she had heard anything at all. I just drove off then, looking behind me and thinking that it was strange what that car had done, but well, they do strange things on that point. Nobody made any intention to stop me. It really was a big lie to that he couldn't stop because of trafic! You can easily stop there and put on your 4 lights, nobody will run you over.

Now thinking over the situation I do remember the situation as it's a point I always pay extra attention. There is no damage to our car either, we checked big time! We don't have a new car and haven't been repearing small things as we are planning on getting a new car next year, but all of the damage is accounted for (by the garage!).

A few months ago I did stop after an accident with hardly any damage. We both were at fault there though I still know I didn't leave my strip. There is hardly any damage to my car and my car was hit at a weaker point then the other car (mine was in the door, his was in the bumper) and now he wants a new bumper!!!!

Why the heck would I drive off there? I mean, I have insurance, I hadn't been drinking or anything. I had no reason to drive off, nor would I ever do that! Now there's a possibility I'll loose my drivers licence and this'll go on my record! Goodbye straight record. That guy must be some guy to be willing to put me through this.

Thinking of it it's the third time someone is trying to frame me for something way bigger then what really happened.

I really do feel like a criminal though I'm convinced I didn't do anything! I swear, when is this ever going to get any better? I attrackt bad luck. 2007 has been a hell of a year so far!!! I'm out of money, I'm in serious physical pain and now this! I'm more then happy to skip the rest of the year, thank you. I'll have to make a list of the good things or I won't be getting through this all.

Off to the vet with the dog now. A bit of better luck would be really nice right now.


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