Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More FO's!

Yep, I seem to be able to finish a few things up! I won't have everything finished by the end of the month but this is better then nothing.

First up, one that has been on the needles for quite a long time :

Lady E (1) Lady E (2)

The close-up is a bit weird, but still. Oh, and yes, still need to knot the second fringe, didn't feel like it yesterday (and my back was hurting because of the bending over).

Stats :

Pattern : Lady Eleonor from Scarf Style (do I really need to link this?)
Yarn : Noro Silk Garden #234, 10 balls
Needles : 5mm Addi Turbo circulars
Started/finished : started ages ago, finished January 22 2007

Modifications : I did use smaller needles, and I just knitted till I ran out of yarn, but apart from that I didn't change a thing!

I still need to block the shawl, though I don't know when I'll do that. I will wear it on Saturday though, to dinner with my inlaws.

Second FO :

Ribbon scarf 2

Stats :

Pattern : Ribbon scarf from Holiday Knits
Yarn : 100% mohair, from LYS
Needles : 5mm inox circs
Started/finished : started on January 20, 2007 finished January 22 2007

Modifications : After the last increasing row I doubled my yarn for a last row and the cast off.

This was a commissioned knit (I wouldn't wear this myself). I'm getting tired of these scarves. It takes forever to complete a row near the end and there is no pleasure in knitting it.

I also have been spinning quite a bit more then my usual, probably because of my 'no new projects'-rule which I'm keeping to quite well!

Handspun superwash merino

100% superwash merino, handdyed, spun to about fingering weight. It's about 95 grams so enough for a pair of socks.

This is intended for my sockret pal, but well, I'm a bit confused right now about the swap and all. We'll see.

Talking about the sockret pal exchange, I had the most lovely pal. She sent out her last package quite early - got it more then a week ago while the swap actually lasts till the end of March - and revieled herself. Sadly she lost her youngest daughter in a tragic car accident on Saturday morning. Please do pray for Debbie and her family!

First the package from December :

Sockret pal 2a Sockret Pal 2b

There is a glass angel missing, but she spent the entire season in my tree! I did get socks in every package (we were only supposed to send one pair throughout the swap). I also got a lot of little knitting notions, needles, and extra yarn. In this package Interlacement and Lorna's Laces (there were 2 balls, only one in the picture).

Sockret Pal 3a Sockret Pal 3b

The last package, with lovely bathing stuff. Again, socks, and some mystery yarn (she didn't include the label). Stitch markers which I think are handmade and another pair of needles in a hard to get size (for me that is, over here they don't sell the 2.25, 2.75 etc. sizes).

Debbie, thank you so much for being such a great pal. I'm thinking of you and your family all the time, and I'm sending you all the support I can throughout this difficult time.

By the way, it's finally getting cold over here, would that be good enough to start a pair of mittens and a hat with earflaps, in case I go back to work by bike next week? :D


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