Monday, July 31, 2006

Picture time!

I'm still around, don't worry! :D Ok, ok, I should be posting more often, but it has been so hot over here (we are dealing with the same heatwave most of this part of the earth is dealing with). It has been over 30°C the past few weeks, up till 2 days ago. We are now down to an agreeable 26°C (still quite hot), hopefully it'll last a little. We don't have airco -like most people in Belgium- so during the daytime I'm usually just melting, not doing much. Now it cools down again at night, but a few days ago it didn't and it was horrible! Not that it really interfeares with my sleep, but if it cooled down I could at least knit at night!

Last week I was giving a horse riding camp for kids aged 3 to 6. Add 20 kids to the heat and you know why I wasn't able to do anything at night last week! The week before I spent most of my days babysitting on the 4month old daughter of a friend who had some bronchial infection and couldn't go to the daycare place. It has been very, very busy!!

But first of all, because the month is almost over, a pair of completed socks!!

Pattern : Madder Rib socks from Knitting Vintage socks by Nancy Bush

Yarn : Comfort yarn, don't remember the number

Needles : 2.75mm circs

Time to complete : Don't know, a month or so?

I liked this pattern a lot, it's a nice pattern for self striping sock yarn and it gives it quite some stretch. Boyfriend likes them, thought it'll be a few more weeks before he'll be wearing them!! :D

So that completes my lats sock for the Sock-A-Month KAL. I don't qualify for prices as I didn't start early enough (I didn't hear from the KAL till the very end of January and then my socks didn't count anymore). But I signed up for Sock-A-Month 2!

I signed up for a few more KAL, but I won't post more till I hear back from these things, as both are last minute sign-ups I'm afraid (as usual!).

Anyway, a few pictures from my holiday in Turkey :

The sock watching Bodrum from the mountain ...

The sock in front of an old mill (this was they only time I got my sister to pose with the sock, after that they didn't even want me to take out the sock for pictures!!) ...

The sock in the mill ...

The sock visiting the castle of Bodrum ...

The sock going shopping in Bodrum ...

The sock meeting some Turkish fellows (one of the pairs came home with me, against great protest of the boyfriend as he told me I could just as well knit them myself ... *grin*) ...

Some Turkish gloves (sock didn't want to post with them for some reason ...) ...

The sock by the pool at our hotel (those are my 2 sisters swimming in the pool) ...

The sock at the seaside at the hotel ...

A few Turkish ladies crocheting. I bought a few small things from them, just to support them. They made really beautifull things! One told me (well, tried to tell me, but I understood) they mainly knit in Winter and crochet during the hot Summer months.

This huge bag came home with me! It's 1kg of pure first class cotton! It cost me only €2.5! And I had enough space in my bags anyway. People looked very strange at me when I took this with me from the local market, they probably thought I was completely nuts! Well, off to spinning it all now!

That was my holiday. It was really short. But it was ok. No FO's though. 1 week isn't enough to finish a pair of socks. Not with my family around. :(

I've been gathering various fleeces from different sheep the last couple of days, and will be getting a few more soon. More about that soon! Keep your fingers crossed the weather stays cool! More to write about really soon!

Monday, July 24, 2006

First of all, sorry for being away for so long, but it's mighty hot over here and I just can't handle it! It's been into the 30's (that's Celcius) over here for a loooong time and it's not getting any better any time soon! As we don't have airco it's hardly managable. And unfortunately it doesn't cool down during the nights either. Makes me want to move. Well, most likely to some icy country (I do hate Summer more and more, I want Winter again!) but the dessert would be fine as at least the nights are reasonable over there!
Anyway, the big news :
I decided to move the yarn to a seperate blog and I put the first update over there, so visit
I'm not really there yet as to design, and good pictures, etc. So please give me some slack here! I'm hoping to get better at this some day!
More of a decent update -hopefully- tomorrow, for now I leave you with this :

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leaving for Turkey

We are leaving for Turkey in a couple of hours. We are my boyfriend, my sisters and me. We will be gone for a week. And then on Saturday July 15 we have the big wedding of my BIL. Not excited about that one. I'm not a big fan of huge celebrations which take a whole day, almost 24 hours (if you count the preparations).

I'm not totally ready to leave. Mostly mentally. I just don't feel like leaving. Don't ask me why. I can't tell you. It's always like this. I want to go of course, but on the other hand I would just as well stay at home. Now the boyfriend really needs to get away. If we don't actually go away, he works. And he's exhausted. He needs a rest. Normally we would go for 10 or 14 days, but the wedding is messing everything up (we can only go the following 2 weeks, then the boyfriend has to work again). Oh well, it's ok with me.

I'm of course taking my knitting. Mostly socks. But I still need to finish the dress for the wedding (the Butterfly dress from Rowan). I had hoped to finish is so I didn't have to take it, but well, didn't make it obviously. I'm like that. I knit a ton of other stuff just so I don't have to knit the things I'm supposed to knit. Oh well, I'll just have to finish it over there. After putting my head to it I could easily memorize the pattern and the knitting went smoothly. So it's just finishing the front part. The hardest part at first was keeping track of all the decreases and increases, as I couldn't really count my rows properly. So now I made this worksheet for the second piece and it's making things a lot easier! I need to keep this in mind for futher projects!

I went shopping for new needles yesterday, as I'm afraid they'll refuse my knitting needles on the plane. Mind you, over here knitting isn't that popular and I don't think they have seen many needles at the security at the airport. So I bought bamboo needles, in the hope they'll let me on the plain with those. They better not take them from me 'cause they were quite expensive! The other needles are in my suitcase. It's amazing how much knitting I took with me again, but I can only hope I'll get some of it done! Plus I took quite some books too. :D

I had a lot of yarn dyed and I was actually planning on putting it up, but as we are leaving for a week I'm just waiting till we return. The pictures are all taken, so if we get back in time I'll post coming Friday, otherwise it'll be after the 15th.

All have a nice week!