Friday, May 08, 2009

As I want to start keeping this up again, I'm starting with 2 old projects. I haven't taken any pictures in ages. I have so little "nice" spots around my house to take pictures that I usually don't do it all. And having no pictures keeps me from posting.

I have been knitting though not as much as I would like. I also have been spinning but not much. And I finally put the loom together I bought before Christmas, but I still have to get started on that one! Guess my life is total chaos again at the moment.

Just before Easter I picked up my eggs again. Last year I made a few knitted Easter eggs and I had some of the foam eggs left. So I knitted coats for the eggs I had! Here they are :

Easter Eggs 2009 01

There are individual pictures on my Flickr of all eggs. I think one or 2 eggs are missing from this pictures. The eggs are still out on my table even though it's been a long time since Easter. I just like them so much I don't want to put them away! I'll probably do it over the weekend though. Need to figure out which decorations I'll knit next! I love having something knit out and about in the house (well, aside from all the WIPs everywhere ...).

Crochet scarft 01

Pattern : just a crochet pattern from a stitch dictionary
Yarn : Posh Yarn Eva (100% cashmere)
Hook : 2,5mm
Started : May 2008
Finished : March 2009
It was my first real crochet project and I'm very happy with it. I might have better used a bigger hook for the lace feeling, but it's ok. I'll know for the future project! It took me a long time but everything takes me a long time and it's finished now!
I'm ready to start my next crochet project, but I still need to figure out which yarn to use for this. There are plenty of knitting projects on my needles so no urge to start something new!
There are more things to show, and I hope to have some time and good weather this weekend to take a few more pictures, and then post. Maybe tonight, if I'm in the mood. I'm currently in a dip considering the riding and though I usually go every Friday (horse riding class) I might skip it today. It's a horrible day all together. The weather switched from really nice to very overcast (I want to sit in my warm home and do nice things ... I'm always cold these days) and this morning I found out I'm without a provider on my cellphone. I'm switching providers but my FIL forgot to give me the little card from the new provider. So my old service was cancelled and I can't put the new card in. My cell is my life line and I'm feel rather annoyed at the moment!
Oh well, maybe some knitting will calm me!