Monday, November 08, 2010

Back with knitting soon!

I am still struggling with my own mental (and physical health). I will be back here with knitting soon, and maybe some other creative stuff. I want to share, but there is so little time and energy left that I rather spend it on knitting or doing art!

Beside my own health the boyfriend has been struggling as well. At the beginning of October he suddenly could hardly breath. He had no clue what was going on, and the doctor thought it was some kind of bronchial pipe infection. The medicine he got helped for a while, but then the issues returned. After weeks of struggling the doctor finally decided to do a thorough examination of his blood. After a few days of waiting we found out the boyfriend has a serious - newly developped - allergy to house mites (sp?) and house dust. The latter is hardly to avoid as we basically live on a building site. So the next step is to find a good specialist to help us and look for a (hopefull) medical solution. In the mean time I have to clean a lot more then before.

We also had some issues with our dogs, nothing healthwise but it did involve a lot of legwork and time.

So there has been knitting, but I can't proof it right now. I'll get back soon though, with some serious knitting to show here!