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Happy New Year! And some Christmas knitting

First of all, Happy New year to you all! I'm not very good at sending out the whishes, never have been. It's because I'm not big into the new year. It has never ment any big changes for me, usually the bad continues and so does the good. I mean, it's not like this is all changing!

But for you all, I do whish you all the best and nothing but good luck of course.

I'm not one for many resolutions, I only make small ones that I can keep. One of them right now is that I really want to finish up that bunch of WIPs I'm having. It's just to much. Others are to knit more for myself. Put more time in the other creative loves (paper arts, writing, ...). Also starting some kind of education will be part of this year but probably not before September. We'll see.

The only big step will be some possible major changes in my relationship. A lot has been going on - partly the reason I'm not around to often, I want to keep it away from this blog - and it's time to take some steps, 'cause right now my relationship seems pretty stuck. Now if you are interested in my more personal stuff you can read it over at my LiveJournal.

Anyway, As I mentionned before I took the big decission not to do any Christmas knitting this year. To little appreciation for the knitting in general, and I wasn't going to rush over stuff that wouldn't really be appreciated. So here is what I did end up knitting (all pretty small projects) :


Sorry for the blue line around the picture, don't yet now how to change this! :D

Anyway, From top to bottom, left to right :

* Fingerless gloves for the lady at my LYS (personally addapted from Marnie MacLean's Hooray For Me Gloves), in handpainted pure wool, fingering weight. 2.5mm addi turbos were used.

* Ribbon Scarve From Handknit Holidays, in 100% mohair, about 75gr I think. For my aunt, the only one to recieve a handknit item from me for Christmas!

* Cute Dog vest modelled by the owner Zico (doggie of my mom). Pattern is Penny, knit in superwash merino yarn. No mods made, but requests for a longer one are in as Zico loves his vest! :D

* Bedsocks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage socks, knit in angora sock yarn (my own! :D) on 2.25mm inox circs, for the other lady at the LYS.

* Super cute Candy Cane Hat (from Handknit Holidays) modelled by the sweetest girl around here (the little sweety I babysit almost every Saturday). Knit in Superwash Merino (again no brand, as when I do not mention a brand it's from my LYS, from cones straight from the mill). Need one of these for myself! :D

That's it, no more Christmas knitting. I mean to do the same for next year. The only "late" christmas gifts I still need to knit are the socks for my grandfather, but he's in no rush at all. :D He's sweet.

That being it, let me show you the last FO from 2006 :

Estonian socks by Nancy Bush from Folk Socks
Yarn : Regia sock yarn and Arnell sock yarn
Needles : 2mm addi Turbos
Modifications : some for the heel, but as I didn't remember what I did the first time I had a hard time doing the same for the second time.

Close-up from the top :

I started these on the plain to Turkey this Summer (July 6th if I remember correctly), but never got around finishing the second. It took me less then 2 days to finish up half of the leg (white part) and the foot. Don't ask me why it took me so long. Yeah, way to many other knits (often requests/orders). I like these socks! :D

I might addapt the pattern a little for a following pair, to make myself a pair of knee-highs, but without the clock pattern (so plain leg). I love the colours on these!

There are no FO's for 2007 to show yet but there will be soon! I'm really getting on with my knitting right now! (though last night I collapsed with a major headache - uch-)

Remember the roving I mentionned last time? Here it is :

It's 100% German wool. It's really soft and easy to spin. I don't really like the golden/orange in it. So if you are interested, give me yell! It's about 150gr if I remember correctly. Just some plain roving or some of your handdyed is fine by me!

Oh, and last for now. There is a bunch of books I would like to buy, but I need to save up money just in case things do go wrong, and I have to much stash anyhow. So I'm selling some of my yarn over at the Destash Blog. So please, if interested, check it out. I would be willing to swap as well. Here's a little list of the things I would like to have :

* from Schoolhouse Press, the following books :
- Poems of Color by Wendy Keele
- Two-End Knitting, by Anne-Maj Ling
- Norsk Strikdesign
- Knitting from the Top by Barbara G. Walker
- All 4 Knitting Patterns books by Barbara Walker
- Three-cornered and Long Shawls by Sigridur Halldórsdóttir
- Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller
(many of these books are either not available over here ot way to expensive)

* Socks That Rock sock yarn in lightweight (anything that doesn't have bright yellow/orange in it), Liza Sousa sock yarn

* Circulars from KnitPicks

* Circulars in sizes 2.25mm and 2.75mm (prefer Inox)

Hmm, there might be more. Anyway, if you have anything of this you would like to swap for any of the yarn, or maybe something else, let me know. It speaks for itself that the books should be in good condition! Just take a look at the sale, you might find something you like! (And if the prices are to high, make a good offer!).

That's it for today. Maybe one of my Resolutions should be to post more often? :D


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I adore those Estonian socks. They are just too gorgeous. Knitting From The Top is a fabulous book and is well worth the money. Plus it's not too expensive. Definitely a good buy.

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