Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spinning and Lace

It has been a long time. I'm dealing with quite a few emotional things, related to my relationship and life in general. I will need to make some decissions in the future and I'm scared and insecure. I do know I want to be happy and I'm not that happy at the moment. But I will get there. I just need time.

I have been knitting and spinning. I just started spinning again and I'm loving it. By doing it more I'm getting better results and that makes me quite happy. So lets show of the spinning first :

Tulips 04

Tulips colourway from Way Back, from the Spunky Club. There was no note in the yarn, but I think it was BFL. It was 4oz. Of course I also lost the note on which I wrote the yardage. This was still on the wheel (started for Project Spectrum Fire) and I decided to try Navajo Plying it. Turned out quite ok. I think it's sport weight. And not overplied, like my first try at Navajo Plying. It actually looks quite ok! :D

Handspun - Tulips 01

The 2 skeins are very different. I have no clue yet what I'll knit with this. Not socks. Maybe a scarf of some type. We'll see. At the moment I'm just spinning, with no idea for knitting!

In honor of Project Spectrum Earth, and because I feel like spinning again, I dug through the fiber stash and selected all the green/brown colourways. This was the first one I spun up :

Handspun - Cricket 02

It's the Cricket Colourway from Hello Yarn Fiber Club, from May 2007. It's 100%BFL, 5oz spun as a 2ply. It's 542m, so that's a fine fingering weight! I'm quite happy with it! I do know that the more I spin the better the end result gets. So I should spin more. Oh, and I love BFL! :D

I also have been knitting, but I don't seem to finish that much. I have been knitting on various things, but I seem to be into scarfs and lace again these days. So I managed to finish up this :

Blue Lace scarf 01

It's the Feather Lace Scarf in a blue mohair from my LYS, knit on 4mm needles. It was started long time ago, and finished on April 25, 2008. I used about 50gr of yarn, don't know the yardage.

Blue Lace Scarf 04 Blue Lace Scarf 03

It blocked out to be 25cm wide and 220cm long, which is quite a nice scarf! The pattern was very simple (a 4 row repeat) and though I lost interest in it for a while it did go pretty fast. I'm just going to keep this one!

I don't know if there's anyone reading my blog who's into crochet, but I was wondering if anyone knew this pattern, or can figure it out. (it's a Ravelry link). I've been trying to contact the knitter, but got no reply. I would love to knit it. I know some crochet, but not enough to figure this one out (and I have been trying!). I can't figure out how to conect the flowers without breaking the yarn.