Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The long absence

I owe you all a little explanation for my absence. Where to start.

Well, last week, from August 21st to August 25th, I was given a camp at the riding school for kindergartners (age 3 to 6). It was EXHAUSTING to say the least. Of course when I say that most kindergarten teachers over here tell me they have to deal with 20 to 30 toddlers all day long, the whole school year. Well, there are a few differences. First of all there was a huge age range (I can assure you there's a huge gap between a 3 year old and a 6 year old). Secondly, apart from looking after 28 children, we also have the horses to look after. There are a few things that make that really difficult. Like horses are not 100% reliable (no matter how tame and easy going they are) and especially not in the hands of a toddler. They have big feet (the horses) and those often end on top of childrens feet (or hands) as it's hard to get the basic rules into the heads of small children (keep your arm stretched as far as you can when guiding a horse, never go in front or at the back of a horse, never yell/run around a horse, never sit when a horse is around, ...). So even with 4 teachers you usually have to watch 28 kids AND 4 to 8 horses! Not easy. Then we don't have a structured environment so giving kids a time out or collecting them in a certain corner isn't easy. It's also hard to teach a kid to ride (and make sure s/he doesn't fall off) while keeping your eyes on at least 7 more kids who are only a few meters from you and don't really care they are making noice or getting to close to the running horse. And on top of that we don't get a break at all. We have kids around us from 8am till 5pm. No rest at all. Do you notice I need to vent here?? :D

Ok, so it was a hard week. And the Sunday before that I was on a trip with the band/horses from 4am till 11pm. *pffff*

In that week I also had 2 interviews for a job I didn't expect to get at all. The first interview was more then weird, so it was a total surprise when the guy called me a few hours later for a second interview. The second one went better, and they let me go with good hopes. I have to tell you I never even expected to be asked for an interview in the first place as I have no experience at all for this job. Well, to make a long story short, I got phoned yesterday that I GOT THE JOB!!! I was speacheless! They said my personality was by far the best and the experience didn't matter, I would pick it all up soon enough. Nice!! I'm starting on Thursday with a study day and then Friday it's team meetings the whole day (good for me to get to know the team, the kids and the way they work). What's the job you ask? It's a school related revalidation centre, and I'll be giving math and creative therapy to kids ages 3 to 14. I'll be getting a steady contract for 29 hours and an additional temporary contract of 9 hours. That's basically almost full time. Now right now I can use the extra money, but I'll be more then happy when I'm working only 29 hours as I have plenty to do beside the work.

I am of course really excited, but knowing what happened at my previous job - I was just as excited - does temper everything a little. But I'm ready. I'm so ready now. I really needed these 7 months to get back to my positives and get my self esteem back. The camps with kids and the feedback I got from the parents over there really made me feel a lot better! But please, do keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, last weekend I had a bridal shower starting on Saturday noon (I got that late, at 4.30pm after my regular babysitting job) and ending Sunday noon. Yikes! It was ok though.

But, thanks to this all I know have a huge infection of my throat and sinuses! I'm extremely sick really. If I'm not feeling better by tomorrow I'll be picking up a huge amount of antibiotics at the doctor 'cause I just can't start my job being sick, right? I would normally prefer to fight this without the antibiotics, but well, but this time I'll just have to make an exception.

So, being so sick I'll be probably resting most of tomorrow, but I have so much to write about so I might post tomorrow. If not, it'll be the weekend for sure 'cause I will be quite exhausted after 2 days of work.

Just a question : would it be to strange to take my knitting with me on that study day, that being the first day of work? Most likely.

More as soon as I can!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


I'm slowly realizing I just have to much yarn. I will never, ever be able to knit everything up!
So with a lot of pain in my heart I'm getting rid of some of my beloved sock yarns! Please go and take a look at the Destash blog if you are interested. I tried to keep my prices resonable. But keep in mind that all these yarns are quite new. I hate having to put up the shipping so high, but that's the sad side about living in Europe, and if I ask less I don't make any money on the yarn, and I want to make at least a little big of money out of this sale. Probably to buy more yarn in the future, but at least I can justify it then. :( I'll probably be selling more yarn in the near future.
I will be updating later this week ...