Thursday, January 25, 2007

Offering some yarn

I'm still trying to get rid of yarn, though it's little by little. I'm now offering some yarn here on the blog for free. You just have to pay the actual shipping on the yarn (with the yarn I sell I always pay about half of the shipping ,but here I'm going to ask for the full shipping, sorry).

A few estimates of shipping outside Europe :
- up to 350gr : €5,60 (US$7,50)
- up to 1000 gr : €15,40 (US$20)
(I think most I'm offering will be over 350gr when adding packaging, and I'm not splitting the yarn, sorry!)

Inside Europe will of course be less. This is priority shipping!

So, if you are interested, email me. The first one to email me for a certain amount of yarn will of course get it.

Free yarn 01

100% wool, about worsted to heavy worsted weight. As most of my yarn there is no label. A nice deep brown colour ( a bit deeper then what's shown on my computer). 3x100 gr. More then enough for a decent scarf. I originally bought this for a pair of legwarmers.

Free Yarn 02

Collection of different yarns, all 50gr balls in black. All is 100% wool though it can be combination with other animal stuff! :D All between DK and Worsted I think. 7 balls total, I think all balls are unused though they might be rewound due to coming loose in the bag they were in.

Free yarn 03

This is a cotton/acrylic blend, though I don't know the exact combination. It feels extremely soft and is about sport weight. I died it up before with Acid dyes and it came out beautifully! I have 3 bags of 10x50gr each in pure white. (I'm not much of a cotton type and this just will keep up taking space).


As I can't get this sold, I'm just offering it up.
65% mohair, 35% Acryl 6x 50gr ( aprox. 190m/208y) Needles : 4-5mm

There's enough for a small cardigan or such. Also very nice for a scarf or shawl.

Let me know if you are interested. As for the shipping weight, you need to add about 100gr for the packaging so that'll give you an idea of what it'll cost you! And I can only accept Paypal, unless you are inside the EU!


Anonymous Becky said...

I would love to have the cotton acrylic to make some baby items out of if you don't sell it. Thanks, Becky ( )

4:55 PM  
Blogger thecountrygirl said...

Oh Em, sorry, never mind. I forget how heavy cotton is. IT would cost too much for me to ship that all the way to the us. But I'm sure you'll find a taker for it.

4:58 PM  
Blogger tar said...

Hi. I would like the black yarn, but first I would like to know how much would would it cost to ship it to Portugal. Could you please email me to tar (dot) gzip (at) gmail (dot) com? Thanks

11:02 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Hi Em, Finally I'm getting around to thanking you for the yarn. I have been such an idiot lately but I LOVE the yarn. The colors are perfect for me and the blue hand dyed is very fab too.

Thank you so much.
Pictures on my blog.

1:26 AM  

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