Saturday, June 23, 2007


I'm quite in the ban of my spinning again. Well, I constantly want to spin but sitting down and actually spin is something different. I just don't see the use of starting for 5min, so I don't. And at the recent pace I didn't have more then a few min every time. In between busy things. Like in a few moments my sister will be here to pick me up, so I only have a few minutes. And I still need to change clothes! :D That's me.

Anyway, the spinning!

Handspun yarn

Spunky Club April 2007 - Strawberry Fields
4oz of Corriedale

Big skein is 263m, the little one in front is 52m. The little skein was the leftover from the second bobin I spun which was relatively finer spun (as both bobbins had 50gr on them!). It means there was 100m more on one bobbin then on the other!

Will be socks somewhere in the future!

Now I'm spinning some silk I got from Franquemont fibers. My pup got it (somehow) and tore it apart, but thankfully silk doesn't felt so I can still use it!


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