Friday, June 01, 2007

One small FO for one month

I had the most horrible day yesterday, I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life and I can't put it out of my mind. I should, it's past me and well, I was lucky and the results were less harming then they could have been. Still I'm so upset.

So I don't know if I'll get much work done today. It's all a big chaos in my head, which is beating like hell. I'm trying to keep myself uccupied, and I'm trying to think of knitting (usually all over my thoughts, but not today :( ).

Anyway, we went on a little trip last weekend (as it was a long weekend), and look what we did most of the time :

Playing in the sand

Having a great time on the beach! :D We went to the Netherlands, to a beach area. It was great fun! We were my sisters, my mother and my boyfriend (oh, and me!). The dogs had a great time, running on the beach, playing in the water, chasing other animals, or just pieces of paper. 2 days of non-stop activity, and no knitting. I didn't even mind. I was to tired in between the walks and the sports that I didn't think about knitting.

And this is how we returned :

Napping in the car

Exhausted!! I didn't sleep the whole way back (I knitted), but the pup did! It was great to see her and nice to see her comfortable in the car, as the big girl still doesn't like car rides. She stayed awake the whole ride home, poor thing, and crashed back at home.

Me? Tired, but happy. It was great during the weekend and I'm just happy we had a nice time, even if there was no knitting.

So, I only have one small WIP to show for May (wait a minute, I have 2, but I only have a picture of one right now) :


Anklets, no specific pattern, just toe up (dutch toe) and short row heel.
Yarn : my own handdyed, less then one 50gr skein (I have small feet)
Needles : 2mm addi turbo, my fave size of needles

They took me longer then they should have taken me as I tried to do 2 socks at the same time on one circular, knitting from both ends of the ball (I did find out that one end is a lot lighter then the other, strangely enough, need to experiment more with dyeing to get the perfect fiber). I didn't like the knitting 2 on one needle. I did it before but I didn't know it wasn't this annoying. Back to one at the time for me.

New Project Spectrum colours, and I'm very happy! Not sure yet what to do with the metalics, but the black is just perfect! I'm not a red kinda girl except for burgundy. Might be a nice combination. I do have some nice gold and silver stuff, but for socks? I don't know just yet.

Lets just hope I get a bit more done this month. Oh, and I have handspun to show, but no pictures. Maybe I should get my ass in gear and take some nice shots! The weather is supposed to be nice over the weekend, now just to find the time *grin*.

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Blogger PJ said...

Boy, is that pup cute! Sounds like you had a great time. Sorry for your bad day and mistake...hopefully all is well, but I know what you mean when a thought just ties you up inside and doesn't let go! Nice booties!

1:46 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

What darling dog pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful day at the beach!

7:25 AM  

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