Monday, June 18, 2007

How to catch a thief

First the fun story, then the less fun story.

Yesterday we went to see Pirates 3 at the movie theater in the "big city". All went well and the movie was over. We were sitting next to the stairs, with one chair in between me and the stairs. I have the bad habit of putting my purse there, and in a second it was gone. I saw it all from the corners of my eyes.

And my response? I jumped up and flew down the stairs, taking more then 2 at the time (I don't remember how I did it) and just before the end of the stairs I reached the thief and jumped him! On his back. We both fell over to the side, and I was able to pull my purse from his hands. I had been yelling all the time but I don't remember. I do remember bumping into someone when flying down the stairs, but she didn't wait so I guess I didn't hurt her.

As soon as I had pulled my purse from his hands (I had to pull, really!) he went on but my boyfriend was right behind me and hit the guy in the face, threw him on the ground and held him down. I can tell you, my boyfriend isn't very big, but he's quite heavy at the moment (not the best thing) and has really strong arms. The thief was my posture, so I guess about 40 to 50 pounds less then my boyfriend. He had no fighting chance.

I started yelling for someone to get security and at the same time was telling my boyfriend to calm down 'cause he was ready to hit the thief till he cried! Soon after security came and they called the police, who came to arrest the thief in real movie style! (and wauw, those cops were nice to look at!).

So basically, I catched a thief! :D I have a heavily bruised hip from the fall, but I have my purse back and the stupid guy was arrested and charged with theft with agression (the fact that he didn't want to hand over my purse is apparantly agression). We had witnesses, though of all the people at the theater only 2 stayed to put their name down. The thief - I suspect a drug addict and his words were that this was his first time taking a purse, well, stupid first time and wrong purse to take - admitted the facts immidiately. He had little to defend himself.

Now I'm still amazed with myself and my reaction. I realize now this could have ended worse if the guy had a knife or something, but I would do the same if it happened again. I've always been strong willed. I don't let people run over me. I don't care my purse was a in a bad place, nobody should take it. NO matter where it's standing.

So, that's nice store. The sad one is that I was transfering the money for our summer holiday today and came to the conclusion that after transfering this money I'm almost broke. I haven't been spending an extreme amount of money, but apparently I'm spending more then I think. I can cry when I see this. It's all so sad.

Now I am selling some of my yarn, so if you are interested in any sock yarn or other, please check out my flickr account. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take some from my hands.

As it's not possible for me to cash money from a Paypal account I'll use the money from this sale for the clubs I'm in so that doesn't have to go from my bank account, and maybe I'll see for further possibilities. But I can really use the money.

That's it, knitting at a later date!

Ps.: It took me a week to get better but my stomach is finally ok again! :D


Blogger Angelika said...

Wow, what an experience. I think I would have done the same thing in the heat of the moment. And then he was going down the stairs too? Wrong way. He could only go down.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Ann K. said...

Holy bleep!! I'm happy you have your purse back, the thief was prompted arrested and nobody was critically hurt! What an experience!

How was the movie? Do you even recall seeing it after all of that?

12:53 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

You go girl!!! I was on the edge of my chair reading that...HA! I guess you never know your reaction until something happen. Way to go!

11:58 PM  

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