Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weeks sky - Stash sale

Sunset 29/04

This weeks sky.
As you can see it has been extremely beautifull over here. For the last 4 weeks - or even more - we've had wonderfull weather, with high temperatures. It was more Summer then Spring really. We didn't have rain for over 33 days so I'm quite relieved this week will be a lot cooler and lots of rain. Yeah, I'm not that much of a Summer person and stuff is starting to be very dry!
I don't have any FO's to show. Well, I do, but I'm keeping them for another day. I just don't feel like it. It's not such a good day today.
I was just watching Let's knit 2gether and I was a bit dissapointed they weren't able to show just a tiny bit of the Harlot's speach. Due to various reasons - one of the being I live in Europe - I will probably never get to see here in reality, which is sad. But hey, at least I got to see something.
It would also be nice to have some kind of community to be part of. But that's not really the case over here in Belgium. I'm sure there are quite a few more knitters out there then I know of, but it's still "hidden" and "weird". It doesn't keep me from knitting about everywhere, but it's still a bit lonely.
That being said, I'm going to try to get rid of some stash again. It's hard for me as nobody seems to be interested. Mostly probably because of the shipping. So I'm thinking of offering free shipping, but economical, and if one wants priority they have to pay the difference. We'll see where I get. It would be nice to get some things moving because last week I was really confronted with the enormity of my stash. It's getting out of hand. I either need to knit a lot more (not possible) or get some stuff moving.
Oh well, of to take a nap now!
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Edited to add :
As per request I made a Flickr set of the yarn I have for sale. I am also willing to swap, but I would prefer to sell.
A special for those commenting here willing to buy/swap : I'm giving away the mohair (the Schachenmayr and the No name Red/white/yellow) for free!! Just comment and don't forget to add the email where I can reach you!
As for the others, no fixed prices if you found this through the blog, just do me a good offer. I'm putting them up on the Destash blog later this week.
I'm willing to pay shipping, but only economical (takes 2 to 4 weeks to the US), if you want Priority (about a week) you just have to pay the difference.


Blogger ambermoggie said...

what stash are you getting rid of

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Eva said...

I've left a note with the pictures of the stuff me wants :)

Cheers Eva

6:47 PM  
Blogger yarnlot said...

Hi Em,
I'm reading your blog on a regular are right about the knitters still being a bit lonely in Belgium. There is a knitting group in Gent, Knitbelgium,
to which I belong, and there is Café Tricot in Brussels but I don't know many other Stitch&bitch-groups elsewhere. There are many more groups in the Netherlands; on the 3th of November they will hold their second SnBdag
in Rotterdam with workshops, yarn sellers...
There are still not many belgian knitting bloggers either, I know the following:
We need a bit more action!
Keep knitting,

4:02 PM  
Blogger knit_tgz said...

I'll check your destash set too!

4:24 PM  
Blogger knit_tgz said...

Hi again. Do you still have the (free) Schachenmeyr mohair?

6:25 PM  

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