Friday, May 18, 2007

My first contest winning!

Since I started reading blogs - and keeping one myself - I've been participating in Blog contests and swaps (with related contests etc). I never had much luck and didn't win a single thing. After a while you stop participating in contests, right?

Well, a few weeks ago I did enter a "contest". Not really for the contest though, but because I was really inspired by the question! Ann asked about blocking socks. And well, I found that a nice question!

I only block my socks after the first soak, and only if it improves the look of the sock. I might put my socks on my blockers (homemade from wire hangers) for pictures. But after that I never block my socks! I usually save up my socks to do one big washing of them all. So I end up washing 10 pairs of socks or more all at once. I wouldn't be able to block them all if I wanted. Plus I don't see the use of blocking (socks stretch on your leg so the pattern will show no matter). I do however lay all my socks flat to dry.

When I make socks for someone I will block them. I think it adds to the look of the sock for the recepient. Plus of course washing them erases all the dirt that might have gotten in them while knitting them (I'm not the one to wash my hands every time before I start knitting).

Lately I have worn socks directly after finishing them without washing them. After all, it's just my feet and it's not like those feet aren't used to a bit of dirt (not like really dirty as I hate walking barefoot). I just cast off and wore them! And I liked it! :D

So where was I heading? I answered the question for Ann but didn't really notice the contest, and forgot immidiately. Till I got an email from Ann! She wasn't on my regular blogroll then (I don't know how I got across her blog in the first place) so I wouldn't have known is she hadn't emailed me. Turned out I had won! Someone (her husband? I don't remember) had pulled my name out of the pile! I was shocked (in a good way!).

And what did I win you ask? Well, I got to choose between the new Interweave book Favourite socks and 2 skeins of Koigu. Though I of course would have liked the sock yarn I went for the book as it's not availabe at till the end of June or something like that and I really wanted the book!

I recieved the book earlier this week (the last mail I recieved as there's a big strike going on in one of the big distribution centres here in Belgium). I love it! I already have several socks I want to knit from it. I wanted to start a pair last night but couldn't find a free 4mm circular. I'll have to free one up quickly, or order some more needles. I do plan on getting a bigger Addi turbo collection, but I'll need a few weeks to get a good list of the ones I already have. I don't think I have a 4mm though, or maybe only one. As I use the turbo circs for all my knitting I need more then one needle of course. Oh well.

Anyway, this way I want to thank Ann big time for the contest and the book! Seems like I do have a little online luck left anyway! Thank you!!!! Oh, and check out her blog of course!

Hopefully I'll find some time this weekend to take pictures of a few FOs, 'cause I have been knitting!


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