Thursday, June 21, 2007

A thank you note!

Yes, I do have an FO to show, but first I wanted to thank a few people who have commented here over the past. I hope everyone will read it! It's just horrible I can't reply to comments, I'm just not a wiz in that area. I have been using Wordpress for the new Destash Blog, and I'm tempted to move over there. But then I wouldn't know how to move over my previous posts. I need to figure it all out a little. But I'm a bit to busy at the moment!

But, the thank yous. It goes to everyone who commented here on the blog in the past and will do in the future! I so appreciate it! :D

Thank you to Knittingajour, Julie, Ambermoggie and Minty Fresh for the comments on my test-knitting issues. I'm still not sure what to do. Blueatd, thank you for the offer on the magazines! I'm mostly curious to see if my test knitting ever made it to the 2nd one, as I'm kinda thinking it didn't.

Ann K., Angelika and PJ, thanks for the nice comments on the thief! :D It was an exciting experience and it's a nice story now! I'm still amazed with myself, but I guess more people would have some kind of reaction like this. Good thing I had my sporty shoes on and not my high heels! :D

As I said, I would reply to all of your comments if I knew how to, but blogger only gives me your profile link and no more. :( So dissapointing. Maybe it's just time for some improvement.


Blogger Angelika said...

Yeah, replys on blogger are horrible. That's why I put an email link on my sidebar in the blog. When I get a comment with the email address I save them, so I can mail them back. I'll check out the destash blog.

3:18 AM  

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