Saturday, May 19, 2007

Missing sock needle ...

Today I decided to take a long relaxing shower (I did clean the inside of the shower at the same time, so it was productive - yes I'm crazy like that) and then pamper myself in preparation of a very boring evening with the in-laws.

So I showered, washed my hair and did the small stuff (nails, etc.). Then I used a mask for my face and used body cream all over (usually don't do that). I rinced the mask, tried to make my eyebrows a bit more decent, and used facial cream. And then I dried my hair (after covering it with 2 special creams). I was pretty happy.

I did check on the pups during it as they were sleeping on the couch, but I had totally forgotten my sock was still on there. So when I was completely done and got downstairs my sock no longer had needles in it and I could only see 2 DPNs. After better looking I found 2 more under the couch, but the fifth one has dissapeared! :( I hate having an incomplete set and as these were 1.5mm DPNs I'm not sure yet when I'll be able to get a new pair (have to go to the store in Brussels that was close to my previous job, but I don't remember the opening hours really well ...). Might show up - the needle- but for now I'm knitting the sock on 4 needles instead of 5. (I tried using my 1.5mm addi turbo, but I didn't like the needle being so fragile and bending all the time so I switched to DPNs which seem to be more sturdy).

I'm off to bed now with a bit of knitting. Boyfriend is trying to get the attention of our little Aife but I think she's ignoring him! :D She's so great at that! He was totally surprised when I mentionned she already knows a few things, as he sais she always ignores him! But she can sit, give paws and is starting to get the "down" thing too!

I'll try to remember the pictures tomorrow!


Blogger yarnlot said...

Aife will grow into a beautiful and smart dog for sure!
I do hope you find your fifth needle. The shop in Brussels, is it a shop with dolls houses? They often have those fine needles...

8:38 PM  

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