Friday, May 25, 2007

Not so finished projects!

Seems like I won't be able to manage very regular updates any time soon! I've been lazy about taking pictures (well, I took them but they are still on my camera!). One improvement though : I now am the proud owner of a laptop and I have Internet connection here at work! I won't have that much use of it as I'm usually quite busy at work, but this week has been very slow a many kids are on trips with their school so it's all quiet over here! I'm happy I have my computer or it would have been boring. Rest assured, I have been working as well! It's a lot easier now as the 2 computers here at work are often in use so I didn't get much done. Now I can easily work here. So much nicer!

Knitting has been ok the last couple of days. I was doing great on some excisting projects, but then I couldn't help myself and I casted on for 2 new pairs of socks! Not very good of me! :D But I am moving along nicely.

In September last year I was asked to knit a little vest, Carolina, out of the Rowan Summer 2006 magazine.


Somehow I never got much done. Just after Easter I picked it up again as the lady still wanted it, and started knitting again on the back. The back/front (it's all one piece that has to be folded) is a black hole of K3P3 ribbing over 120 stitches for 170 rows! And that with 2 strands of mohair (I used a cheaper replacement for Rowan Kidsilk Haze) on 4mm needles. I finally finished the back over the weekend as I deperately needed the 4mm needles for a pair of socks! Now I started on the lace that's around the complete back/front and the sleeves. It's not really exciting lace, but better then the ribbing. I also don't like the yarn the person picked as it's variegated and though it was fine for the ribbing, it's obscuring the lace in my opinion. But hey, it's not for me after all. So hopefully this'll get done soon!

I'm also trying to finish up the previously mentionned socks on my 1,5mm needles! It was hell as the pups kept getting their little paws on this sock and it seemed doomed. I think they pulled out the needles 4 times, at the same time ripping out quite a few rows!! And then, as I already said, I ended up with 4 needles instead of 5. Well, the 5th one turned up on Monday. I went home sick around noon and crashed on the couch. I put my head down on the pillow and felt something. Guess, what, the needle was hiding in the pillow! Smart needle! :D So I'm back knitting comfortable on 5 needles! Now I just need to finish up the foot, but it's going quite well. Well, I'm distracted again by new socks. But I need to finish these because coming July they'll be on the needles one full year (they were started in Turkey last year).

Long ago I promissed I would knit a pair of fair isle socks, preferable my own design, for every part of project spectrum. The socks for February/March are still no further then the cuff of the first sock (half way the leg). I will finish them some day. Maybe I'll finish them for Project Spectrum next year! Anyway, I had the yarn ready for this round, and the idea. I wanted to do a cuff in Double Knitting so you could turn it up or down on the sock, and then the leg in a solid. I designed the cuff, and started on 2.25mm needles on Monday. This is what I ended up with :

Double Knitted sock start

The left is the infamous Gentleman Sock (with the 5 needles! :D), the right is the start of the PS socks. Can you see it? It's huge! It's almost big enough to fit on my head, and I have a big head! to bad, 'cause I liked the Double Knitting.

But I ripped, and started thinking about another possibility. Well, I started a plain fair isle cuff, and this will be knee highs again, but I'll be changing to one colour by the end of the leg and the ankle and foot will be in one colour only. Hopefully it'll work out. The fair isle isn't really lending itself to decreases, so I'm planning on trying to switch my needle size to make the sock smaller. It's a big try-out. There is no question though that I won't be finishing the socks before the end of the month. But at least I'm knitting them! Next round will be quite easy as it's black, my fave! With a dark burgundy it'll give some nice socks!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my doggies. The boy left last Wednesday. His new home is worrying me. They didn't rush to pick him up after their trip and what I heard from the boyfriend (I wasn't at home when they were there to pick him up) they weren't to positive. :( I hope he'll manage, he was such a sweet boy! We miss him, but I'm quite realistic and now we couldn't keep him.

Gismo the morning he was leaving, enjoying some sun.

Aife 23/5
Little Aife, who is missing her brother but doing quite well! She's quite huge by the way! (13kg at 3 months, while her mom weight only 25 kg fully grown!)

Sky 20/5

This weeks sky. It's better today, with blue and sun, but it'll get worse again over the weekend!


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