Sunday, June 03, 2007

Perfect start of the month!

It's totally amazing, but June only just started and I already finished my first pair of socks! Don't expect me to keep this up, but I hope this is a good sign for the month!

So, I present you socks!

Gentlemans socks with Lozenge pattern

Gentlemans Socks with Lozenge pattern (I'm to lazy to look for the book for the correct title).

Pattern : from Nancy Bush, Knitting Vintage socks
Yarn : handpainted superwash in reds
Needles: 1,5mm (switched between DPN's and addi turbos)
Started : July 2006 (in Turkey!)
Finished : June 2nd 2007

Gentlemans socks with Lozenge pattern 2

It took me ages to knit these socks. I went down to 1,5mm needles to make up for the size (as the pattern was for mens socks) and this is what usually is mentionned to change size. Now I don't mind the knitting on these small needles, but it does take a lot of time and the socks ate yarn! Crazy! I hardly made it and I swear I have really small feet! But I picked them up again and decided I liked the DPNs better for these socks as the circulars were really fragile and always bent in different ways.

Gentlemans socks with Lozenge pattern 3

With time, and probably the needles, my gauge did change significantly and the second sock was way bigger then the first. Luckily blocking did make up a lot so they look the same and I can't feel the difference.

One thing is that I didn't make the first toe as the pattern said, and I didn't write it down. So I started on the second toe without checking the first sock and now I have 2 different toes! It looks a bit different but doesn't feel different at all. But apart from that both socks are perfect.

I didn't mind the small needles at all! It's not that different from 2mm needles - my favourite for socks - and it goes just as fast, but then again, I think I used up a lot more yarn. I might have lost some yarn while skeaning the yarn though, I'm not sure anymore. Long time ago!

These socks did go through a lot the last month or so, with the pups getting hold of them several times. But they lived through it!

Another FO is some finished handspun I got around to taking a picture of.

Handspun Tencel/merino

Handdyed, handspun Merino/Tencel mix.

This yarn turned out ok. It took me a while to spin this as the yarn was a bit difficult at first (slippery!) but I love the yarn! You can't see the sheen to good on the picture, but it's nice! It has green, yellow and pink in it but it has an overal Yellow feeling. Normally not my fave colour but it's ok.

It's a total of 150gr (2 skeins of 75gr), about 450meters (which I think makes it fingering weight). Will make a nice pair of socks! :D When I come around to knitting it up.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of my evening/night now with spinning and knitting!

PS.: Is anyone like me a bit dissapointed with the last issue of Magknits? I used to like the magazine but lately there aren't much interesting patterns in it. I'm not sure if switching to a monthly publication was so great.


Anonymous Eva said...

I agree about MagKnits... who wants to knit legwarmers in June...

Socks look gorgeous, but I would rather scratch my eyes out than knit with anything thinner than a 2 mm needle LOL.

Cheers Eva

6:48 PM  

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