Monday, November 17, 2008

Sock update!

Well, we're quit a bit past October already. There are quite a few FOs to show, mostly socks. It was Socktober after all! Plus with the SockKnitters Anonymus Sockdown challange I joined late September I'm still knitting mostly socks. But I'm liking it!

First off, remember the pumpkins I knitted? These were meant as home decorations and this is the setup :

Felted pumpkins

I'm truly in love with it! At the same time I knitted a few mushrooms. Felted mushrooms. And they got their own setup too :

Felted Mushrooms

I really do like them! You can find the pattern here (or on Ravelry). They were - like the pumpkins - knit out of 100% wool which I dyed (well, only for the tops of the brown/white mushrooms, didn't feel like dyeing red). At least my knitting has multiple purposes! Actually, my sisters - who think my knitting is a waste of time most of the time - liked them and one (the kindergarten teacher) asked to make some for her for her classroom. I don't think the pumpkins would survive toddler hands, not the ones I made. I would have to find a way to make them way sturdier. Maybe by next year ...

Mentionning Ravelry, did you see the process bars on the side? It's apparently a Ravelry feature I didn't know about (I didn't check how long it has been around). It think it's nice to follow the projects! :D I think most of my current projects are on Ravelry.

And then now the Sock parade :

Bff socks - Finished 03

Pattern : BFF socks by Cookie A.
Yarn : Spunky Speckled in Cool Rain (Spunky Club Colour)by Spunky Eclectic
Needles : 3mm addi turbo
These were knitted as part of the September challange at SKA Sockdown. They are think and warm and lovely!

Orange mystery socks 03

Pattern : SKA Sockdown September Mystery Pattern (Ravelry link) by Jeannie Cartmel

Yarn: Regular sockyarn (wool/nylon blend) handdyed by me in Orange

Needles : 2mm Addi turbo

These are also part of the SKA Sockdown September 2008. They are really lovely, but not my colour. From the start I decided these would be my mothers Christmas gift (but now she told me she wants a pair of sturdy thick socks *sigh*). I might knit the pattern again in another colour for myself, if I get around to it! :D

There was a third pair of SKA Sockdown September 2008 Socks, Hedera socks by Cookie A. But as you can see in the sidebar those aren't finished yet. They will, someday. But now I'm mostly working on October and November challange socks.

Socktober TTL Mystery socks

Pattern : TLL Mystery Socks for Socktober 2008 by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn : Handdyed Knitpicks Bare (dyed by me)

Needles : 2,5mm circs

I knitted these - as you might remember - both at the same time. I didn't finish them by the end of October. I finished them the week after. I had to spend 2 days in the hospital for some tests and it was no problem finishing them the first day. The yare really nice and this is about the only fingering sock yarn that gives me a good firm fabric on 2,5mm needles! Loved the pattern. Did the toe my own way as I had forgotten to print that clue. But they are great!

And then there's a pair of socks I knitted ages ago but I never got around to photographing them (there are a few other FOs that have been done for ages but haven't been photographed yet!).

Socktopia Olympic Socks II

Pattern : Socktopia Olympian socks (Ravelry link - free Ravelry download) by Sheryl Giles

Yarn : (need to look this up!)

Needles : 2,25mm circs

I finished this pair far after the Olymic games were finished. I did one regular pair but wanted to do a knee high pair too. I love knee high socks and this pattern was so easy to adapt. It has calf shaping, but it's forgiving as it's ribbing. I like these socks!

I'm knitting more socks (see sidebar! :D), but I also picked up some old projects. I frogged one, but more about that later. But expect way more socks in the near future!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amai hoeveel projecten heb jij op de naalden staan zeg???

Mooie sokken allemaal... en weet je welke sokken ik aan heb vandaag? Jij hebt me een paar gebreid voor de een of andere exchange en ik had ze 'veilig weggelegd' voor koud weer... en natuurlijk wist ik niet meer waar :) Gisteren zocht ik iets en vond ik die sokken in een ziplock zakje... Wat ik zocht had niets met sokken te maken :)

Groetjes, Eva

7:07 PM  
Anonymous iaminchennai said...

The mushrooms are great... its a lovely setting...
and in socks... i am in love with the blue and the pink ones...

I would love to see more settings with felted things.... loved them..

11:54 PM  
Blogger PJ said...

I absolutely am in love with your mushrooms! Pumpkins are great, too! What nice socks!

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you actually WEAR all those socks? Just wondering, because I have never made a pair for myself so far... I think it's a pity to hide them in shoes and under trousers...

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Mirjana said...

Lovely socks!

9:06 PM  

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