Friday, October 03, 2008

Autumn is here!

And I mean inside my house! :D (Outside as well, by the way. It's been very cold and rainy!)

I've been finishing these, and knitting more. I think I'll do another weekend of knitting this kind of stuff and then I'll move on. I love this but there is plenty of other stuff to knit.

Mini pumpkins 01b

Pattern : Miniature felted pumpkin

Yarn : 100% wool handdyed by me, 100% superwash merino in green for the stems

Needles : 6,5mm for the body, 4mm for the stem

2 of these were actually knit and felted (fulled) last year, but I never turned them into pumpkins. The other 2 were done this year and I just finished them all. I like them a lot. I just need to find a way to shape them better when drying. Maybe putting a balloon in them might help. But alas, I hardly ever see perfectly shaped pumpkins, so I like them!

Unfortunately one of the white ones has already been mauled by my pup. She managed to remove the stem before I noticed she had the pumpkin. Need to replace that one. Hopefully she'll stay away from them when they are on my big table.

Small pumpkin 01b

Pattern : Pumpkins (small one)
Yarn : 100% wool, dyed by me
Needles : 6,5mm for everything
I love how this one came out! To bad it's so much work. So last night I knitted one in the round and I'm going to try felting it. See how it turns out. Knitting one in the round only took me a couple of hours (with tons of interuptions).
And as for the sock knitting, I finished up this one today :

BFF - in progress

BFF socks, one down, one to go!

I might just leave these at work as I have been having very cold feet all day and I can put these on when it's getting to cold for me! :D


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Those pumpkins are lovely!!!

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