Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Remember my plan, back at the beginning of the year, to knit a pair of wristwarmers for each theme of project spectrum, and embroider them? I added knitting matching gloves and maybe a pair of embroidered knee high socks.

Well, I finally finished that first pair of knee highs, and we are now at the last them of Project Spectrum (Water). It has taken me ages to knit them. I have no pictures to show, at the moment it's just a pair of black stockings. Not my favourites either. I had issues with the toes, I changed needles after the heel and that's quite obvious and there are too many stitches around the ankle. so in all, no my best knitted socks. But they are done, and as they are black and need embroidery, the faults will not be to obvious.

So, embroidery. I know cross stitch and I can do some basic handsewing, but I never did embroidery. I bought a French booklet while on holiday about embroidery and the different stitches. I watched some videos on YouTube. But apart from that I have no experience. And I do know it's harder on knitted fabric.

Knowing my own high standards, I decided to embroider something as a test. I needed a phone cover for my new cell phone, as it's already damaged due to being put about everywhere. I usually buy plastic covers for the cell phones I owe, but it wouldn't be ideal with this one. So knitting to the rescue.

I started it yesterday and finished it in no time (yes, I still have nothing to do at work, I'm luckily allowed to take tomorrow off, as I had no therapy planned at all and I'm sick of inventing therapeutic material!). It's a simple black pouch knitted out of Regia 4ply on 2mm needles. Cast on 44 stitches, 10 rows of 2x2 ribbing and further in stocking stitch. At the end I decreased (sp?) 4 stitches twice, as my phone has a round shape at the bottom. The pouch is a bit longer then I initially intended but it's ok as this way my phone is less likely going to fall out. Oh, and I did kitchener stitch on the bottom.

That being done I took my DMC thread and started some free form. I don't have any kind of chalk to draw on the fabric, so it's just testing. Here is the result :

Phone cover 01

I wanted to do the swirls as I have an addiction to them, plus I think they are perfect to present the Water them of PS3. The yarn is variegated DMC, makes it easier! :D

Phone cover 02

It wasn't easy as I couldn't really put my hand in the pouch, and there's no easy way to seperate the fabric. Plus I wanted it really fine and - if possible - detailed. So I had high hopes again.

Phone cover - close-up

As you can see in the close-up there are quite a few mistakes and it's not so great. But it's ok for my first time. I think I'll do the stockings next. I have quite a few ideas for other embroidered stuff, but I need to knit them up first. And well, there'll be more stockings in the future, there is plenty of time to improve!


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