Wednesday, October 08, 2008

It's all pink!

Yes, pink! The main colour of the things I'm mainly working on is pink. Well, right now that is. In an hour I might be working on something else, it all depends.

I started these 2 days ago :

Mystery sock Socktober

These are the Mystery socks for Socktober designed by Through the Loops. I didn't really know what yarn to use as she said semi-solid, solid or light variegated would be best. I'm still not sure about my choice. This yarn is the KnitPicks Bare sockyarn, which I dyed a very long time ago. I'm amazed with how the colours are showing, and I'm amazed at how the socks turn out on 2,5mm needles! Usually I find the fabric on those needles to airy and for socks I want a firm fabric that will hold up long enough. So I hardly ever use 2,5mm on regular sockyarn.

What you see is clue one. Clue #2 was released today. Of course I'm working on 4 pairs of socks at the time at the moment. I had told myself I wouldn't start the second clue before the weekend, but I already started! :D I need to finish some other socks so I can start some new ones for the October Challenge at the SKA group.

I have not been spinning much but on my spindle. I got it a few weeks ago through Spunky Eclectic. I'm fairly happy with it though it's not easy learning (plus the hook came loose a couple of days ago but I used some superstrong superglue to fix that!).

Spindle Spinning

If I was going to spin on a spindle I wanted one that could spin fine yarns and I'm quite happy with this one! I pack it in my stuff for work and spin a few meters every day between stuff. This is just a test fiber, I need to dive the stash to see what I'll spin next!

Coming December Amy is changing the prices of her fiber club. It will still be quite cheap, though all clubs are expensive for me as I live oversea in most cases and pay huge shipping rates. The dilemma is what to do then. Will I continue to take the sock yarn and one set of fiber every month? I love the sockyarn but it's always variegated and I'm more into knitting solids and semi-solids, or even tonal yarns. Not much into the truly variegated stuff anymore, as it usually clashes with the pattern I want to use. If I drop the sockyarn, I might go for a double dose of fiber as it'll allow me to spin for bigger projects then socks. But I think I'll regret not having the sock yarn. On the other hand, the sockyarn and a double dose of fiber is possible, but probably to expensive to do this monthly. But in January the club closes again and then it won't be easy to change your subscription ( spot has to open before you can get it/change your subscription).

I signed up for the new round of Hello Yarn as well. Man, I seriously need to spin more! :D

As for knitting, the socks are work/commute knitting. At home I'm still knitting pumpkins. I gave myself till this weekend to knit them and then it's done! I need to get some other knitting done and I'm sure I'll have plenty of pumpkins to display! :D I'll post some pictures for the new ones as soon as I can take them!


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Few days ago I looked up your blog addy in one of your letters and so here i am reading it:) Lovely things you knit!

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