Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tour De Fleece wrap up

I never had the time to post here to let you all know I would be on a holiday for 2 weeks. It was crazy busy with work and packing before leaving on a 2 weeks trip to the South of France. But I'm back now, with a few posts to make! :D It was a good holiday fiber-wise.

France 01

Because the Tour De Fleece ended last Sunday I'm going to start off with an update on it. I didn't get much spinning done before leaving on holiday (to busy), but I did get quite a bit done while in France. It was great to sit in our little garden in the shadow, to spin. I miss such a garden at home.

Anyway, I took a bunch of fiber and got about half of it spun up, which is quite a good thing if you ask me! Here you go :

Tour De Fleece - the final count

From left to right, top to bottom :
- Good morning (Spunky Eclectic fiber club), 100% Shetland, about 340m (I think) to 4oz
- Art yarn (my own handdyed), wool with sparkly thread, about 70m (don’t know the weight but less then 2oz)
- Walkabout (Spunky Eclectic fiber club), 100% wool, about 340m to 4oz
- Maple (Hello Yarn), 100% BFL, about 480m to 4oz

My goals were simple : to spin a decent fingering weight yarn (or even a laceweight) and to spin some art yarn. Guess I made them both! I spun 2 sock yarns, maybe somewhat heavy fingering weight. And one heavy laceweight! I'm so excited about the BFL. It'll sure become something else then socks. I really don't want to hide this yarn in my shoes! :D Basically I'm totally in love with BFL as up till now I've gotten my best results with this yarn!

Then the art yarn. I ordered Intertwined by Pluckyfluff just before I left and I loved going through it, getting inspired. Unfortunately I'm very limited in spinning art yarns with the wheels I owe right now, so the goal is to save up money for a better wheel (I'm in love with the Majacraft Rose wheel!). But I did manage to spin one art yarn. From some handdyed pink wool which I spun as a thick 'n thin single, and then plied it around a metalic silver thread. I'm so in love with this yarn! Not yet sure what to do with it though, we'll see.

I have one more bobbin of singles spun, from this :

Blend 01

I carded these batts just before leaving, inspired by all the batts I saw spun up at the Tour De Fleece group (Ravelry link). So I carded 2 shades of merino wool (purple and black), grey alpaca and then some flitter and fake cashmere. I had a little under 150gr. I already spun up one bobbin, need to spin the other one and then ply.

Of course the big question is when I'll get around to this. Seems like my spinning time will be again limited. :( We'll see.

Things aren't going so well for me though and I have to say I've reached one of my lowest points at the moment. My personal situation is still not clear, my work is bothering me and to top it all off I am loosing my drivers licence for a month. I knew this was coming, but I thought I would have more of a warning. So the visit of the cop yesterday and the message that I have to hand in my licence on Friday and won't be able to drive a car in a month hit me very hard. It's stupid to be so down about this all, it's nothing and people are dealing with far worse things then this. But it's just all a bit to much for me at the moment. And honestly? At this point I just miss a friend to talk to, someone I can call and just cry a bit ...

But, I'll try to keep it all away from my blog. And Lisa, I will be writing you soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you meant me (by writing soon) I'm happy to hear that! But note that you always can e-mail me or try to reach me via MSN if you need someone to listen... I know that it sometimes already helps to talk about things, even if the other person can't provide a solution...
Thinking of you!

Oh, and really great yarn you have spun, wow!!!

2:24 PM  

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