Monday, August 11, 2008

Knitting olympics, or Ravelympics

Well, that's what I want to talk about, but as I do this post will greatly lack pictures so I decided to start with an FO so you have something to look at.

This yarn was finished quite some time ago, but I never got around to photographing it.

Think Spring Collage

Yarn : 100% South African Fine, from Spunky Eclectic

Colourway : Think Spring (Club Colour February 2008)

2ply, 360m to 4oz (fingering weight)

I liked spinning this yarn but I especially liked how it fluffed up after the washing! Though I wasn't sure about the colours I love how they muted while spinning. All in all a good yarn!

On the wheel right now (well, on the Lou√ęt S45, on the Victoria it's still the blend I started in France) is this :


Dandy Lion - Singles

(The pink shining through is the basket, there is no pink in the fiber)

This is superwash Merino, again from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club. It's been on the wheel since the start of July. I had hoped to finish it before leaving for France but I never did. I spun a little this week but only a few yards. I hope to finish it soon. Plus I hope this turns out more muted then the fiber was!

Reason I want to finish this yarn is that I want to start spinning my Ravelympics Fiber. Ravelympics is actually just the Summer Knitting Olympics, but then on Ravelry. I wasn't sure about participating and now that I did I think I gave myself to many goals. But I'll try to get there.

The fiber is one of the first goals. I want to spin up some fiber in a sock weight and then actually knit socks out of it. Well, hopefully that is. If the fiber turns out to great I might knit it up into something different. Though my main goal for spinning is sock knitting, lately I've noticed that I don't want to knit the nice yarns I spun into socks but rather something that's more in view, and something that gets less wear. Though I still adore socks. Anyway, I have 2 possible fibers selected, both BFL as that's my fave at the moment! :D

Then I joined the Wip Wrestlers, as I'm into finishing right now. The idea would be to finish up 2 WIPs :

Icarus shawl - In Progress IMG_3288

On the left is my Icarus shawl, which has a tiny more progress then shown, but not much. It was casted on not to long ago. On the right is Raspy, just casted on for the sleeves (front and back done). This has been on the needles forever and I really want to finish it!

I hope to at least finish Raspy, the shawl might be a bit much, but we'll see!

One more thing I wanted to do during the Ravelympics was knit a pair of knee high striped socks in a DK weight yarn. Well, DK or Worsted, I have a hard time keeping those apart. I have had those in mind forever so I want to get them started. Plus I need to keep up with the 52 Pair Plunge!

What I had totally forgotten about was that I signed up for the Olympic sock challenge of Socktopia. So that one is on the needles right now, hope to finish it soon!

The negative side is of course that I won't have much knitting time the coming weeks. This week I'm still at work but starting next week I'm giving riding camp at the riding school. And I know from experience I'm not much at home then!

Ok, off to do some work now ...


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Hope you make some progress on your finishes. The spun yarn looks lovely

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