Friday, September 19, 2008

Some yarn

There's been little to post about over here. I haven't taken any pictures in a while, so still no socks to show. I also haven't finished much as I've been trying to work on some WIPs before casting on anything new. Problem is I keep switching from one project to another and thus there are no FOs to show over here! But a few projects are making some progress so that's better then nothing.

This has been a bit inspired by the Destash forum on Ravelry (here), as they are knitting down WIPs I think. I'm not sure though, I have a hard time keeping track of the monthly challanges. I think it was also knitting for men, but that's on a low burner right now.

I am at the moment not really working on any socks. This means I'm falling behind on my 52PPII, which I don't like. But, Socktober is coming around (and wether or not they are actually organizing this, I will have a Socktober) so I plan on knitting plenty of socks in that month. Plus I decided that I will make a tradition of knitting everyone a pair of socks for Christmas. Those will probably be fairly easy socks, especially for the men in my family. I know my grandmother will appreciate it too as she used to have a provider of thick ankle socks in my great aunt, but since she died there has been no replacement for the worn out anklets. My grandfather has often cold feet. My mom and sister like to wear there socks in the house during Winter for extra warmth (my mom being on a tight budget likes to save on heat, to the sadness of my sisters!). So I'm fairly sure my socks will be appreciated. Plus I think I'll need some warm socks myself as I seem to get colder every year!

So the plans for the socks are made. There is plenty of other stuff I want to cast on for and a lot of woolen stuff will be needed. We just relocated at work and the new workplace has - till undecided - no heating. Add single windows and cold weather (and no sun in my office) and I'm fairly cold all the time. I crave warm woolen sweaters. I wish I could knit faster!

Anyway, what am I posting about then? Well, I have been doing some spinning a few weeks back. I have the wheel set up but it has been a couple of weeks again since it saw some use. :( I'm just busy.

Here are some spun up things :

Dandy Lion Collage

Dandy Lion (Spunky Fiber March 2007), 100% Superwash Merino
4oz, approx. 516m of 2ply, thus light fingering

I started spinning this early July I think. I just finished it and was amazed at the yardage I got. I'm still thinking I mismeasured. Might be possible, but it's fairly thing. I'm also quite surprised at how it turned out. I wasn't to happy about the colours in the roving, to bright for my taste. But as always the colours change when you spin the fiber and it might be something I would actually use! But probably just socks, or I might gift this away!

Deep Water Collage

Deep Water (dyed by Hello Yarn, without a name though), 100% BFL
4oz., approx 451m of 2ply, thus fingering weight
I think I wanted to spin a bit to quick on this one and I messed up a little. It's not as fine and as smooth as my regular BFL spins, but I think it'll make a fine sock yarn. I split the roving in half lenghtwise and tried to make this a self striping yarn. We'll see how it turns out when knit up. This might be the next thing I cast on! (I recently had to cast on a pair of Movie socks - to be knit in the cinema - but this yarn wasn't finished yet otherwise it would have been on the needles already).
I am planning on getting some spinning done soon though I don't know yet when I'll find the time as I'm having a very busy weekend ahead.
Oh, and saying I haven't been casting on would be a lie as I did start some autumn/halloween knitting, as in some small and bigger pumpkins and I might try some other felted decorations to add to my home! (low maintainance is needed in my home!). More on those soon!


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