Monday, September 08, 2008

I Knit 2008

Excuse me for the long blog silence. It's been chaotic over at my life. Very choatic, very busy, very confusing. Knitting is going on, though not as much as I would like. Winter is around the corner (ok, Autumn) and I'm getting in my element as this is totally my season.

There will be no follow up post on the Ravelympics. Why you ask? Well, I hardly knit a stitch during the Olympics, let alone meat any of the goals I put up for myself! I did knit a pair of socks for the Socktopia Olympics, and started with a pair of knee highs adapted from that pattern which I finished this weekend. Now pictures of these 2 pairs will be shown in the near future as the last pair is not yet photographed.

But, I do have something nice to post about! By accident I came across the I Knit event website. That was little over 2 weeks ago. I was amazed that I had again managed to miss something as big like this. As soon as I read it all I decided I wanted to go. Checking prices for trains and all I decided it was an option. So after some discussion with various people and hearing a lot of pros and cons, I booked my train ticket.

My mission then was to get a ticket which included the Yarn Harlot. Those tickets were long sold out. :( But in the end I managed to buy one from someone who couldn't make it. Happy me!

London bus

So Saturday I was extremely nervous and was ready to cancel the whole trip. But I took the train, arrived in London 2 hours early and spent some time exploring London. Didn't see that much.

Buckingham Palace

Then I decided to start going to the event. Start going, as in trying to find it! It took me more then 30 minutes and after asking someone I finally made it, about an hour after the opening. And I was amazed. Lots of friendly people, lots of yarn and fiber. I loved it. Walked around, exploring the boots. Waited to long to buy some stuff so I didn't get some things, but I did get plenty of other stuff!

Then in between all the shopping I saw this nice lady :

I Knit 2008 - Yarn Harlot

It was so great to hear her speak, and being able to knit during the whole thing without being looked at like I was totally nuts. I met her afterwards and she signed my book but I was to shy to ask her for a picture or anything special. Maybe another time ...

There was this one amazing boot (sp?) at the event where I saw these :

I Knit 2008 - Handmade scarfs I Knit 2008 - Handmade scarfs I Knit 2008 - Handmade scarfs

These were shawls/stoles knit and crocheted at an amazingly fine gauge! I think they were made with some kind of sewing thread or very fine laceweight. Me being obsessed with fine gauge I loved these and will keep them as a goal I want to reach some day! Of course, the first thing I thought was "well, ok for the crochet, but I don't see myself sewing them all together!" :D

And then, the haul! I had told myself - even though I'm trying to stash bust this year - that I was allowed to buy what I wanted as this was a one time opportunity to feel and touch certain yarns. Well, I did manage to spend quite a bit of money!

I Knit 2008 - Sock Yarn collage

Sock Yarn - the goal was to buy mostly nearly solids and I think I managed quite ok. Also bought 3 skeins of sock yarn to dye myself (to try the yarn for maybe dyeing to sell)
Oh, one of these skeins is Wollmeise which I bought together with a Yarnissima pattern!

I Knit 2008 - Yarn collage

Yarn - mostly what I could call luxury. 3 of these are Manos (one silk blend), the other 2 are Cashmere and Camel!

I knit 2008 - Fiber collage
Fiber - As I'm on a spinning kick I wanted more fiber. I was extremely please to see the batts on the stand. I wanted to take them all home but managed to leave with only 4 batts.
I also bought 400 grams of a merino/silk blend to dye myself.
Yes, quite a bit of money was spend, but in the end the stash isn't that much bigger. It was a great even and though I missed a few things (I had told myself I could buy Noro sock and Silk Garden Lite, and Cascade 220 for felting) I was quite happy with the overal.
In the end I had to run to catch my train and was quite happy to be on my way home again. I am always so nervous at these events! And I was exhausted, but that's ok!

I Knit 2008 - Yarn sheep

Next event is a local craft fair I always enjoy going to at the end of September. There aren't many yarn stands so it'll be mostly other stuff!
I have set myself a few goals for the immidiate future. First I want to finish a few sweaters I've been having on the needles for ages! I want to be able to cast on for a few new sweaters as I have a ton of big quantity yarns in my stash meant for sweaters. I could use some motivation though as I seem to have an issue completing sweaters!
I'm in a finished mood in general so I might finish a few more things. That's a good thing! I als want to get started on my Christmas gifts for this year (I think I'll keep the tradition of knitting everyone socks for Christmas!). And I want to other creative things beside knitting! Again, days twice as long would be very welcome! :D
Back with some FOs soon!


Anonymous iaminchennai said...

Dear thats quite a stash.....
Seems that you had a blast in London (your purchases are telling that..)

Love to see your FOs

5:17 PM  
Blogger Dominique said...

Duidelijk een geslaagde dag... ik moet er nog een blogpost over maken, maar ik weet niet waar te beginnen !

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What a pity that we don't live in the same country/area... Would have loved to join you to this event!
Hugs, Lisa

9:41 AM  

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