Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Socktober Start

I wanted to start here with a picture, but with the busy life I've been having, the gloomy weather and the shorter days there was no opportunity to take the picture. But the good news : Kitty is back at home! I desperately wanted to take a picture of him (and all my other kitties), but he's been back to his usual self going out in the morning and returning around 10pm when it's feeding- and bedtime. So basically I can only take good pictures in the morning but I'm always in a rush to go out ...

He showed back up Monday around noon. He had been gone for more then 2 weeks then. He isn't extremely skinny or bad looking, so I have no idea where he spent the time away. He was extremely cuddly which was so neat.

So thanks for those who thought of him!

But, other news now. The last 2 days I was extremely excited to think that Socktober was starting! I had dedicated September to other knits as socks seems to be my main addiction, but after finding the Sockdown challange at the Sock Knitters Anonymus group over at Ravelry I couldn't keep myself from casting on more socks! The cast ons for the September challange were supposed to be done before the end of September. We have time till the end of October to knit the socks so I figured I could still join and make this a true challange. Knowing that I'm still in the 52 Pair Plunge II as well, more socks are welcome!

This month the themes were Cookie A. or orange, and there's a Mystery Sock to be knit in Orange yarn. Cookie A. wasn't a problem for me, I love her designs (biggest problem was which ones to choose!). I am however not a fan of orange and have no such sock yarn in my stash. The Mystery sock was/is designed by a genious sock knitter so I decided I wanted to knit that one too. So here is what I casted on the last 2 days :

September Sockdown BFF Socks

Pattern : BFF by Cookie A.

Yarn : Spunky Speckled sock yarn in Cool Rain, one of the Spunky Club Sock yarns

Needles : 3mm KP circs (I think, I just grabbed them without measuring)

Started : September 29, 2008

September Sockdown Hedera socks

Pattern : Hedera by Cookie A.

Yarn : Handdyed Sock Yarn by Hello Yarn (100% superwash Merino) in Blue Mountain

Needles : 2,25mm KP circ

Started : September 30, 2008

I'm not to happy about the yarn but I refuse to restart these. The yarn was pooling horrible again (tried it before with the same result) so I'm now knitting from each end of the ball, changing threads every row. Hope it'll be ok.

September Sockdown Mystery socks

Pattern : SKA Orange Mystery by Jeannie Cartmel (Ravelry link)

Yarn : Handdyed by me, 100%superwash sock yarn

Needles : 2mm Addi turbo circ

Started : September 30, 2008

I died this yarn quickly on Monday evening so I could start the socks. They are certainly orange as the boyfriend asked me if I was dyeing yarn for a scarf for a Dutch Soccer fan! :D I'm not a big fan of orange but I need a pair of Christmas socks for my mother and this might be the perfect pair!

The new challange is already starting today so there'll be more socks in my future. I also hope to find time to knit Christmas socks for my family. The BFF pattern was perfect for a male family member but well, I'm knitting them for me. But these are going really fast so time enough to maybe cast on another pair.

I'm so happy to be knitting socks again!


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