Friday, March 21, 2008

Fire socks

And the knitting slowly continues. Through all the hardship. I'm having a very rough (sp?) time at the moment at home with some very hard decissions to make in the near future. I don't want to bother you with it all, but it might influence my blogging quite a bit. Not that I'm such a big blogger anyway. But still, it might be a bit difficult for me to sit down and write here. I'm still at Ravelry, trying to keep my project page updated, for those also on there!

But, the knitting. Last weekend I washed all my handknit socks and had to put them all in the drawer next to my bed. I came to the conclusion they no longer all fit in there! :D Means I have quite a bit of socks! Also means I have a small drawer, really. But I will have to look for a bigger drawer/closet to store the handknit socks!

So the pair added are my Fire socks. I was a bit obsessed with finishing a few socks in self striping yarn and because I didn't want to do plain knitted ones (they bore me a bit) I decided to go for ripples. And though I'm not about repeating to many patterns I already did (there are to many nice patterns out there I want to knit) I decided to do another pair of Jaywalkers.

PS3 Fire - Fassett socks

Pattern : Jaywalkers

Yarn : Regia 4-Ply, Kaffe Fassett, Landscape Fire (a bit less then 2 skeins)

Needles : 2,5mm for the upper part of the leg, 2,25mm for the lower part and the foot

Started : February 15, 2008
Finished : March 19, 2008

I knitted these 2 at the same time using the Magic loop method. Somehow I don't really like this method. I don't often suffer from second sock syndrome, for me the second sock is usually faster and easier to knit. I used this method before and I just didn't like it. But it's easier to knit 2 socks exactly the same, like changing needles at the same time. I often don't take enough notes and end up not being able to reproduce a copy of my first sock. So even though I'm not a fan of this method I might do it again in the future!

So what's on the needles now? Well, a few sweaters, socks, scarfs. A baby knit that should have been finished ages ago but as I hate the yarn (some cotton/acrylic blend) I hate knitting it. Some active, some hibernating. The urge to cast on new stuff is not as big as usual and I'm pretty committed to the projects I start now. So that's ok. It's harder to dig up the older projects though!

Well, we are leaving on a little holiday over the weekend. Just 2 days, leaving tonight and returning on Monday morning. To Germany, small mountains and hopefully some snow (will be the only snow I'll have seen this Winter, if there is any, how pathetic is that?). With the dogs, so I'm planning lots of walking and hiking, and nothing much more. Knitting a bit too, of course, but with the current circumstances at home I'm even afraid to take yarn with me. :( Oh well. We'll see.

Have a happy Easter all!


Blogger Jen P said...

OK, I just had to say that I love the knitted Easter Eggs! Very festive and will last forever (and yes, my family thinks I am crazy when it comes to this stuff too)
I think this time of year when people begin to think of putting away their warm woolies makes us all turn to something moe creative on the knitting front. See to see what I mean...

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