Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Red

I'm not doing much about the Valentine thing. I used to do it when we first started dating, but now not anymore. Doesn't matter all that much. But I accidentally have some red to post here! More in the thought of Project Spectrum, but hey!

One of the things Project Spectrum stimulates for me is looking for the colours around me. February and March are Fire themed and thus I'm looking constantly for red, orange and pink. I'm not big into red and not at all into orange. I do like deep reds and pink (not bright), but again, little of that colour around me. Plus it's grey and dark here, especially today. But here ya go :

PS3 Fire - Cranberries

Cooked Cranberries

PS3 Fire - Red Tulip 02

Red Tulips

At the end of January I had no socks on the needles (except for some hibernating ones) and I needed an easy pair to take with my on the train. I wanted to use up some of my self striping yarn and I wanted a ripple pattern. I took me ages to decide, and lots of time on Ravelry, and in the end went with the Broadripple socks from Knitty. They went quite fast and I finished them yesterday, and totally by coincidence they also match the PS3 colours!

Broadripple socks 02

Pattern : Broadripple

Yarn : Regia Canada Colours

Needles : 2mm KnitPicks circular

Started/Finished : January 29th till February 14th 2008

Modifications : I did an afterthought heel which I modified a bit to look more like a regular short row heel then a toe! And I did my regular Dutch toe. That's it! :D Oh, and I did the small gauge size, which means you cast on 70 stitches.

Then there's some yarn in the perfect PS3 colours just waiting to be knit into a scarf. When I have the time for it ...

PS3 Fire - Yarnball

And last I leave you with my dears. Last week and weekend was great and I took the dogs for a walk on Friday as I was home from work. I tried taking some pictures of them together but I couldn't, so I have one of each! Aife will be turning one on March 1st. She's huge, way bigger then her mom. She's also a sweety, though still very full of energy! Esna on the other hand is starting to be a very cuddly dog who prefers a quiet night on the couch above running outside and digging for rats!

Esna 8/02/2008 Aife 8/02/2008


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Love Broadripple socka - specially the coloureway!

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