Friday, February 01, 2008

Taking pictures

I think I mentionned here before that I'm not good at taking pictures. My knowledge of the art of photography is nihil and I just don't have the time to take classes or anything. My camera is very basic but I do believe - like many people told me - that even with a cheap camera you can take nice pictures. I would love to take more time to try better picture taking, but there's already so much I want to do.

I've been reading Scouts blog from time to time, and I like browsing her Flickr page. She's great with fiber, but I love her pictures a lot! And the stories behind them. Makes me jealous of her environment, though I would never want to live in the climate she's in.

On her Flickr page I came across a picture of her "100 strangers" project. The Flickr page of this project is great. Just to browse all the people on the page. I love watching strangers, observing them. But I would never ask them if I could take a picture of them. Don't have the guts. I'm a loner by heart.

The only one picture I once took of strangers (might be more, but this one was intented and is about the only one I remember) was back in Turkey :

Turkish women crocheting

Not the best picture, but I like it for all it represents. Maybe I'll try to take more pictures of strangers. And maybe I will get a better camera. Who knows.


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