Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some spinning

I'm actually happy I have a riding lesson sheduled this afternoon and have to go out of the house. Though I normally prefer being inside and knit on a Sunday, right now I don't want to be here. The boyfriend got home with a little to much alcohol in his blood and he's extremely annoying again. I can't stand him when he's like this, and everything about him annoys me on days like this. It sounds horrible and it probably is. It's only when he's drunk. But again, he shouldn't be like this, right? Good thing I do love this guy.

Ok, some spinning! I did spin a little during the holidays, but since my wheel has been very silent again. I just don't get around to it anymore. Weeks are busy and so are weekends. And when I'm at home I'm often to tired to get anything done. :(

First off, something that has been on-going for months. I don't even remember when I started spinning this, ages ago. It's a handblend from me. I dyed merino and mohair, 100gr of each, and then carded it together. It was my first real card-job and I could do better in the future, but it was ok (I have one of those hand-handled carders, not an electric one, and it's hard going that way!). It sat on the spools for quite a while. Well, about 50gr of it. And then I picked it up again. Due to the long absence of spinning it's far from regular. But it's ok.

Handspun - Merino/mohair

It totals about 660m to 200gr, so that's sport weight. It varies though, and some spots are more laceweight.

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to knit with it. Maybe a lacy type shawl. We'll see.

This one I'm actually very happy about! It's the November Fiber of the Spunky Club. It's 100% Falkland wool called Pie for everyone.

Handspun - Pie for everyone

2ply, fingering weight, 416meters to 100gr (well actually 4oz so a bit more then 100gr). Yay!!! First time I got it this fine really! Hope to keep going this way! :D

Of course there might be more thicker yarn in the future. I'm not sure yet. I love spinning this fine but I think I'll need some instant gratification every now and then.

Now hopefully I'll be able to knit some of this up! :D


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