Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knit-a-longs and such!

Well, I joined quite a few KAL last year and I don't know I did that great. But when I read on Sweetpea's blog about the Stash Knit Down 2008 (Ravelry group) I was in! :D

I have a huge stash and it's not getting much smaller. Sometimes, when I go through it, I do think I have to much yarn. but other times I don't care that much. I always think that if poor times come along at least I'll be able to knit. And so many people have other addictions. I mean, my boyfriend luckily doesn't comment on my knitting, but if he ever should I should only remind him of the amounts of money he pays for bikes he hardly rides. He once bought a hometrainer and he sometimes rides it, but of course it has all kinds of faults why he can't ride it. Well, silly excuses.

So, we all have our downfalls and I never have been a saver. So me joining something like this isn't about not buying yarn. I don't want to commit to not buy yarn, as the risk is I'll be only buying more yarn. Or I fail soon in the game as I just want to sooth myself with a nice skein of yarn. And I cannot imagine resisting to the yarn my LYS lady has for me. Most of what she has in are one of a time possibilities and I don't want to have to say no.

What I do want to do is knit more of the yarn I have. There's so much wonderfull yarn in there and I want to be able to wear it. Plus as I'm always cold, I can't have enough warm wool to isolate my body! :D

The first goal of the group is knitting a mile in January. Hard thing for me. I knit constantly but due to the huge amount of stuff on the needles I never finish much up. that can be an added goal. Reduce the WIPs and work more on one project, so that I finish more. It's boring to work on one project but on the other hand it's also more motivating when you finish something.

So I'm knitting things on my needles, trying to finish them and counting the yardage to my goal. I'm working on my Mermaid gloves (based on the famous Pomatomus socks). Finished one yesterday, only one more to go. They'll be very snug! I already have plans to knit a pair out of heavy wool. I'm now making them fingerless gloves, but those out of heavy wool might be fingerless mitts. I wear them over gloves when I'm biking and it's really cold (not that we'll have more "really cold" this year, we didn't even have snow! But we're already moving towards spring weather .... I truly hate this Belgian weather more then you can imagine!).

I also finally started a sweater for the boyfriend (or did I mention that already?). I'm knitting Jared's Cobblestone from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 (now also available in the Knitting Daily store!). He has been whining for a sweater lately. I hope I can finish it in a decent time but I haven't knitted on it for a while. We'll see. The yarn is ok.

Saturday I started the Modern Quilt Wrap from Folk Style (don't have the book yet though it's on my wishlist!). I'm using some of the mohair I can get at my LYS and I'm actually quite happy with the pattern so far! I'm trying to avoid seeming and weaving in ends and it's going quite well!

There are of course more projects on the needles. Well, there are quite a few FOs, but I'm counting only those that are actively on the needles right now. A pair of nice cashmere gloves, and a hat that's to be felted. And a scarf in black yarn as I need a few nice black scarves. Tons of UFOs. But the three I mentionned here are the ones that I will try to add to this months challenge!

Spinning soon with some pictures! (weather hasn't been very picture-friendly lately).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, we have until Feb 19th to knit our mile :)

Cheers Eva

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