Sunday, December 16, 2007

And the socks keep coming!

It's been what, ages? Ok, weeks for sure. I have been knitting, the posting urge just wasn't there. And with the weather we've been having it was hard to take a decent picture. But just written words would have been a nice thing.

I have been thinking about the "minimum one post a week" resolution for next year, but I'm not good at resolutions and all. Oh well, only one more week of work and then I have 2 weeks off. More time to knit and to take pictures during day time, so I'm not going to be silent then. I hope! :D

Anyway, I have been rushing to knit up socks for my family for Christmas. We give small gifts for Christmas, and I decided to knit socks. Hmm. Yes, socks for everyone there. That would be 8 pairs in total. I'm half way, and I have little more then a week to go. Don't know but this might be impossible.

Well, I have been knitting thick socks. I guess it doesn't matter with the weather we've been having. And well, it's quicker.

So 2 more pairs got finished the last couple of weeks, and one is half way done. I got outside in the sunshine today (it's freezing but with a clear blue sky, my fave weather!).

First, for my sister S, the oldest of the 2 (the previous pink socks were for E, the youngest) :

Sister #1 Christmas socks

Yarn : Online supersocks 6fach - Winter Color
Needles : 3.5mm for the leg, 3mm for the foot (addi turbo and knitpicks circular)
Pattern : regular top down with long heel and dutch toe, and ribbing on the leg

They do look neat, don't they? To bad they aren't for me! :D But I have more of this yarn!

Second, pair of socks for grandpa. I have more planned for him but I won't make it for Christmas. They will be gifted afterwards.

Grandpa's socks

Yarn : Regia 8ply (grey), 100% superwash merino (green)
Needles : 4mm addi turbo
Pattern : toe up with short row heel, ribbing all over

My grandfather has the biggest feet of my family to knit for! But he has small feet, so I added ribbing. I ordered only 2 balls of the grey yarn and by the time I realized there was no more in the store. So I added the green striping to the legs and knitted till I ran out of grey. I think they look quite ok!

So back to the knitting, there is way to much left to do! (oh, and these were pair 17 and 18 for the 52 pair plunge; I'll never make it!)


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