Friday, November 16, 2007

Stash sale!

A few weeks ago I re-organized and cleaned out my stash room. The amount of yarn there was overwhelming, more then I had thought (though very little of it was a "surprise". Especially the sweater amounts I remembered all!).

Anyway, for several reasons I'm cleaning out a first part of my stash. I will be giving away some yarns, and selling others. Hopefully I'll be able to use the money first for a few books, then for a rigid heddle loom for weaving, and then hopefully for a Majacraft Rose spinning wheel. I promissed myself I will not buy these things from "new" money, only from things I sell. So please help me out.

Please, please consider buying some of this yarn!

I'm posting mosaics of the yarns. Underneath are links to the pictures on Flickr where you can find more information about the yarn. If interested comment here. I'll be selling on a first come, first serve rate. I plan on putting things up on Ravelry over the weekend and then on a Destash site. Email me when interested in yarn!

First the sock yarns for sale :

Sock yarn Mosaic

1. Annell Sock yarn, 2. Schoeller+Stahl Sock yarn, 3. Schoeller+Stahl Sock Yarn, 4. Regia Sock yarn, 5. Regia sock yarn, 6. Regia Sock Yarn, 7. Regia Sock Yarn, 8. Regia sock yarn, 9. Online cotton sock yarn, 10. Online cotton sock yarn, 11. Online sock yarn, 12. Online Sock yarn, 13. Opal cotton sock yarn, 14. Opal Cotton Sock Yarn, 15. Opal Cotton sock yarn, 16. Opal sock yarn, 17. Opal Sock yarn, 18. Opal sock yarn

Prices :

- Annel yarn $10 for the 3 skeins plus shipping

- Regia yarn $3,5 per 50gr (so the 100gr skein is $7) SOLD

- Fortissima and Online $8 per 100gr

- Opal $10 per 100gr

Special packs :

- All Fortissima and Online yarns (total 600gr) for $40

- All Opal yarns (total 600gr) for $50

Add shipping to all please! (see later for approx. shipping charges)

Cotton yarns :

My creation

1. Cotton, 2. Multi cotton, 3. Multi cotton, 4. Cotton, 5. Cotton yarn, 6. Cotton, 7. Cotton, 8. Cotton/acryl

I'm selling all this yarn for $15 and shipping. Some balls are started, some are not touched. All good cotton! I just don't like knitting with cotton.

Couture yarns :

My creation

1. Couture yarn, 2. Special couture yarn, 3. Bouclé wool - blues, 4. Thick 'n Thin yarn, 5. Bouclé wool - oranges, 6. Bouclé wool - pinks, 7. Wool Bouclé, 8. Bouclé wool, 9. Bouclé wool

These are all designer yarns of high quality, but they have no label. I got them from cones straight from the factory, taken away before everything was sold in Paris!

Selling all but #4 at $10 per 100gr, which is more then half of the original price. Except for the occasional nylon thread all these yarns are 100% wool. All stored in plastic bins. The grey is a thick and thin yarn that is probably superwash as it doesn't felt. A big ball of 400gr for $20. All is without shipping. We can agree on a price if you buy more. The cone is sold as it is, no winding off of the yarn, I'll give you a discount on that one!

Various yarns :

100% silk, bulky weight

SOLD 100% silk, really nice quality! Superbulky, 100gr balls with about 70m each. Knits up really nice! Earthtones! $8 per ball, and I have A LOT of this! If you buy a bag of 10 balls it's only $60. Please consider this, it's really nice yarn!

Mohair yarn

Big ball of a mohair/acrylic blend. I lost the lable, it's 150gr and I remember it being enough to knit a sweater. I started knitting with it but then ripped. $10 for the huge ball!

Merino Baby wool
Adriafil Merino, 100% Merino, Needles 4,5mm, 2 x 50gr ~ 120m

In a bright pink, baby wool. Both for $8.

Yarns for free!!

These are for free, I only ask you to cover the shipping.

Various yarns, almost vintage! :D

Please visit Flickr for more info on the individual yarns! I'm shipping this as one batch!

Sock yarn

Sock yarn, my pup got a hold of this and I had to reskein it. There is nothing lost. Please note you might have to wash the yarn before knitting with it. It's superwash sock yarn in very bright colours, I think it was from Online.


Golden thread, I can't read the lable, I think it's some kind of acryl? Nice for some accents. 3 little skeins.

Cotton nubs

Cotton yarn with nubs, in a nice blue. About 130gr. Good quality.


Inside Europe (priority shipping, economy will be lower, ask me for prices):

Up to 350gr : $8
Up to 1kg : $13,5
Up to 2kg : $26,5
Higher up : ask for price!

Worldwide :

Up to 350gr : $8
Up to 1kg : $22
Up to 2kg : $43
Higher up : ask for price!

All these are estimates (I will charge you this, then go to the PO and either return you the difference or ask you for the rest). All these prices are priority. It'll take up to 3 weeks for a package to travel to the US with economy mail, but it will be cheaper. Ask me for those prices.


Inside Europe I can accept Paypal and bank transfer. Outside Europe I can only accept Paypal!

Thank you!


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