Thursday, November 29, 2007

And then there were more socks!

This week has been quite about socks! I got a total of 3 pairs finished! My addiction for socks isn't getting any better! I just love knitting socks, they are so nice. Of course there are plenty of others things I like to knit, but socks are just so portable and so easy to knit.

So, on Monday I finished 2 pairs of socks. Both had been started before, so they weren't really quick knits. Though one pair might have been quicker if I had actually knit on them. But well, here they are.

First up is a pair of commissioned socks. For a guy, following a pattern his daughter used to use. I did tell my LYS lady this is the one and only pair I'll be knitting this way. The pattern is time consuming and at the price she pays me I cannot knit socks. I know it's not really possible to get a decent amount payed for knitting socks, as it seems rediculous to pay a bit amount of money for something so small as socks. But it's still quite a bit of work.

commissioned man socks

Yarn : Annell sock yarn (75%wool, 25%nylon)
Needles : 2,5mm inox circ
Pattern : broken rib I think (it's K2, P3 in one round, K2,P1,K1,P1 in the following round), long heel, dutch toe

These socks are huge. Each sock took almost a full 50gr ball. But they are done. Phew. On to some knitting for myself now.

Next up are some very plain socks for myself!

Plain Regia socks

Yarn : Regia Canadian Colour (4ply)
Needles : 2mm addi turbo
Pattern : spiraling rib and then plain with short heel and dutch toe
Started : July 2007
Finished : November 26 2007

These were my "movie socks", so plain knitting. I just decided to finally finish them and start a new pair of movie socks! :D

Then, on Tuesday I started a pair of anklets for my sister. These are to replace a pair my mother felted in the wash. I had the yarn forever, but now they are done and Christmas present-ready!

Sisters anklets - take 2

Yarn : Hello Yarn handdyed 100% superwash merino yarn (dyed at my request)
Needles : 3mm knitpicks circ
Pattern : standard long heel dutch toe
Started : November 27 2007
Finished : November 28 2007

Quite a quick knit, right? I could have knitted them in one day if I had had more time on Tuesday (I started making a list of all my knitting books, but more on that later). But 2 days is quite quickly! Ok, these are only anklets and they were knit on 3mm needles but I'm happy they are done.

Phew! I love knitting socks :D. I even got more sock yarn this week, but that's for a next post! More knitting to do now!


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