Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A few swatches!

Amazing, how quick time goes. It's been 12 days since my last post! So long for my good intentions to post more often!

Of course the knitting is going on, but as I have so many projects on the needles that it's hard to finish something. I still need to add hooks and eyes to my Glee sweater and then I need to find someone to take pictures of me, so no post about that yet.

As I said, I do have plenty on the needles, but little really inspires me. I'm stuck on my Lorelei sweater since I just don't have the guts to do the steeks. The idea would be to knit the upper body in the round, then use steeks and pick up stitches to knit the sleeves top down (with sleeve-cap) per instructions of Barbara Walker. I would allow me to hide the left over yarn from the steeks like described here. But more about that later, when I find the energy to pick the sweater back up.

I still have Raspy on the needles as well. I was going to knit it during the Summer as it's cotton, but the Summer came and went and no knitting on Raspy! Pff. Another sweater I still have on the needles, well, jacket, is the Nantucket Jacket. And a ton of socks, and at least 4 lace shawls/Stoles. And fingerless gloves.

But, there has been swatching going on! I haven't casted on yet, but I figured swatching was ok. :D

Lets see :


This is brown 100% superwash wool (don't remember the name on the lable but I think it's quite old and might be discontinued). Knitted on 4,5mm needles for a tunic for my sister. I still need to measure the gauge, don't know if it's accurate, but it's a very stretchy knit and the tunic is loose so it'll be quite ok.


I've fallen in love with the Tree Jacket from Zephyr Style. I wanted to do it with some stash yarn as I have plenty (hum :D) and I wanted black as that's so easy to combine. So I searched. To my great surprise I have very little black in my stash. But I found some supersoft mystery-wool (I swear I usually put labels with the wool as a lot of stuff I get from my LYS is without a label, but I must have forgotten). I swatched, and as you can see at the bottom the fabric was to light for my taste. Though I plan on layering with this sweater I still wanted a good winter fabric. So I added a strand of lambswool/angore (laceweight). That's the second stripe from the bottom. The fabric is way better.But then I tried adding a strand of black mohair. I love that fabric (3rd from the bottom) as it's much warmer. It has an extra sheen to it. And because it's not pure mohair it's not really scratchy. I then tried the mohair with a strand of sock yarn to safe the black mystery yarn for another project, but that stripe - though still a nice fabric - is less soft. So I will probably go with the mystery yarn and the mohair. What do you think? Of course you can't see the sheen on the picture, though you can see a bit of the hairiness at the side of the swatch.

So, looking forward to that knit! I imagine it being quite fast. But I think I'll need to finish the Nantucked Jacket to free up the needles (I swatched with a short Inox circ but as this jacket is knitted in the round I'll need a longer circ).


The last swatch I did was with this 100% wool yarn I got at my LYS (again, no label). The idea was to knit a cardigan from the top down, as long as the wool let me make it. It would be nice to wear as an extra layer, maybe even to go to special events. If it's not raining it might replace a coat. But then I saw this cardigan on the net, and then on Ravelry, a free design by DROPs. I love it. And I think it would look nice in this fabric though I'm doubting a bit as the yarn is tweedy. But I've seen quite a bit tweedy ones on Raverly, so I know it'll look ok. The shape is a bit doubtfull (the clock-shape thing), and I might prefer to knit it top down, though I'm not sure yet. We'll see. I first tried with 8mm needles as the pattern suggested (there are no needle suggestions with the yarn, alas the no-label thing) but the fabric was to loose. Then I tried with 7mm (top) and I got gauge and the fabric was way better.

So this one is on the list too! Call me crazy, ok?

Anyway, I need to swatch for the sweater for the boyfriend. I ordered a set of KnitPicks options through Get Knitted in the UK and it arrived on Monday, so now I can swatch (and I can start the Tree Jacket without finishing the Nantucket Jacket first! :D). But I'm still holding on to not casting on. I really need to try to finish up some other things first.

Of to knit a little!

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