Friday, November 02, 2007

Socktober wrap-up

Socktober is over and I'm a bit sad about that. I liked the month as it totally motivated me to get into knitting socks again!

And to my total surprise I finished a total of 3 pairs of socks this month! Not all of them were newly started, but even the ressurection of some very old UFOs was a great added bonus! I had hoped to get 4 pairs done, but I got stalled on the 4th pair in my efford to finish up a sweater (which I did! But no pictures, so more over the weekend).

Let me first show you the 3 pairs of socks I did get finished over October :

Black & Red 01 Whitby socksKoolaid striped socks

1. Red & Black socks (mostly finished during October, only the ribbing of one sock was knitted before) - a few people asked me to write up the pattern for these socks. I plan on doing so, but I want to do it right so give me some time!

2. Whitby socks for the boyfriend

3. Kool-Aid self striping socks

A bit more on the last pair of socks :

Pattern : regular top down

Yarn : socks yarn (70%wool, 30%nylon) handdyed with kool-aid to self-stipe, and some solid for the toes and heels as I had dyed up only 50gr of yarn

Needles : 2,5mm

Started: I think somewhere in 2005! Finished October 2007.

I basically only had to knit the second sock of this pair, but I had once put them aside and never looked back at them. It was only when putting up all my projects on Ravelry that I remembered about them. I did remember where I had put them so I pulled them out and finished. I would never again knit a pair of socks like this on 2,5mm needles, they feel to light knit for my taste. But I finished them!

I apparently ony dyed 50gr of yarn like this. Enough for these socks with even some left over! I'm quite happy with these in the end!

Next pair I'm working on is a pair for the boyfriend that has been on the needles for a couple of months now. Plus I started a pair of socks for my grandfather on 4mm needles and they look huge! But I think they'll be ok, nice warm socks for winter!

I have been feeling like finishing up stuff! I sometimes feel like just finishing things. I have been swatching as well, but no actual cast on so far. The thing is I really, really need an extra set of 4,5mm needles. I'm thinking about ordering a KnitPicks option set. It would solve some problems!

That being said, I'm still working on the yarn sale! I hope to get it done soon so I can hopefully have some extra money!

And added, for those interested in the thing with the test-knitted socks : I heard back from the person in question. She was very friendly and said she was embarrassed she hadn't thanked me for the socks, which apparently where knit ok. She is going to look for the socks but she's not sure she can get them for me. No mention of the other stuff. Again, no big deal, but sad afterall. I don't plan on testknitting for her anymore.

Off to get a bit of work done (I hate having to work today!)


Anonymous Nora said...

Lovely socks - I managed to finish mine in Nov!! Oh well... ;)

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