Monday, October 15, 2007

Winter knitting - part 1

Two weeks ago I started searching on Ravelry for Winter knits. The reason? There were words out that we might have a new car by the end of November. And as for getting that new car, I would no longer be allowed to drive to the station with it (ok, sounds a bit horrible but I do understand that parking a car at a station where thousands of students pass every day and were there is no supervision whatsoever is not the smartest thing). And end of Novermber = cold mornings.

Now the car we might not get as my FIL is not agreeing with the dealer (he wants a better price I think, I for one am so tired of the constant discussions about prices and good deals). But I still plan on going to the station by bike more often. I love the Winter to ride on my bike (I hate doing it during Summer, I'm a bit strange I guess). It's good for my health, good for nature and a lot faster then the car most of the times. The only negative issue is, well there are 2 : first of all I hate having the bring my laptop with my bike as I have a shoulder bag and it's heavy, and second I used to go to the store right after work with the car which was really easy, but now I'll have to bike home first and then return with the car.

But, with the plans on more Winter rides I started putting a lot of hats and gloves in my queue and faves on Ravelry. Those on there might check it out. For those who aren't on Ravelry I'll show you my favourites!

First are the hats (credits for the pictures to the designers, I stole them :D)

Winter Knits

From left to right, top to bottom (not in order of preference) :
1. Zizzou from Knitting Neels - a nice simple hat!
2. Syncopated Caps by Kate Gilbert (in Interweave Knits Summer 2007) - love this design!
3. Oslo Cairo by Urraca - Pattern is in Spanish but I should be able to manage
4. Diamonds and Blocks by Kimberly Lewis - Nice hat, might be the last one I knit
5. Inga Hat by Sheila Macdonald - Love this one!
6. Nautilus hat by Marnie MacLean - Have had my eyes on this for a while, still doubting between using cotton (summer hat) or wool.
7. Winter Sunrise hat by Elinor Brown - again, looks great!
8. Doubleknitski by Alison Hansel - nice and thick! Plus great hat for first time DK!
9. Anemoi Hat by Ann - great to combine with my mitten! :D
10. Leef's Ear Flap Hat by Leef Bloomenstiel - hats never cover my ears, but they should as I always get splitting headaches from riding my bike
11. Nordic Sweetheart Hat by Anne Featonby - I had the yarn for this but I never got around knitting, need new yarn for it!
12. Red Light Special by Jared Flood aka the famous BrooklynTweed - this will be the first one I knit, when I find the yarn for it (I plan on diving into my stash).

Of course there are preferences. I think I'll first knit the Red Light Special by Jared, though yarn is the issue here. I'm very motivated to knit from my stash, but I'm not sure if I have anything suitable, not even to dye myself. I've recently noticed a great lacking of sportweight yarns in my stash.

I also love the Inga hat! And I think I have the yarn for this one.

Now as for all hats, I'll need to make them about 5cm longer each. From experience I know that all hats are to short for my taste. You see, they have to cover my ears completely! I have a big head and a lot of hair, so as a result no hats fit over my ears. Especially when I ride my bike this is essential. I might need at least one hat with earflaps!

More Winter Knits inspiration to come!

Ps.: Thank you so much for all the compliments on my socks! I really appreciate it!


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