Friday, September 28, 2007

Knitting on the train

Every day I sit on the train and knit socks. Every day (better, every train ride, which is twice a day) there is someone staring at me, probably thinking I'm crazy.

I don't care for the staring. I'm used to my knitting being something special, as knitting isn't that big over here, surely not knitting in public. It's always nice to see someone knit on the train. Doesn't happen very often though.

Anyway, every now and then someone will have the courage to say something about the knitting. Usually very positive. I like that more then the staring. Most staring is the "you are nuts" kinda staring. I guess knitting is strange, especially when someone in her 20's is doing it.

Remember that fair I went to last week? Twice I was totally ignored at a yarn stand as I think the vendors didn't think I was important and the old ladies there were way more important (I think I bought way more then they did, but who cares). Then once at this stand a lady was informing about KidSilkHaze for a shawl out of a magazine (which I think I already knitted). The vendor of course didn't have the yarn nor did they have something similar. I started talking to the lady and told her where to get the yarn. She was very rude and didn't seem the least interested in listening to me. :( It was very upsetting for me, as I just wanted to help and suggested her a few stores where the yarn was available. Oh well.

Anyway, I mostly knit socks on the train, though I might take some easy lace with me as well. I have been dedicated to my spiral socks though, which bore me to no end. I'm totally tired of them and don't want to knit them anymore. But I need to finish them so I'm putting my foot down and knitting. Here is the state of the second sock :

Spiral sock

(picture taken here at work with the webcam of my laptop, hence the bad quality. Notice the wood in the back? It's one of the windows of my workroom, and it's one of the better parts to look at! :S Horrible ha?)

I'm half way down the foot of the second sock and I might be able to finish it up this weekend. Though I usually keep my train knitting for the train only. But maybe I can finish at least one pair of socks this month!

So I don't need to tell you how far behind I am with my sock knitting! I don't think I'll make the 52 pair plunge (I don't know how many pairs I should have knit by now but I'm pretty sure I didn't knit half of them so far) and I think I already missed August for the Sock-a-Month-KAL. I might miss September as well. Now this weekend will be dedicated to non-sock-knitting (except maybe for the spiral sock) as I want to start Socktober to the best! I want to finish the felted booties this weekend (very fuzzy to knit, I hope they felt ok) and the felted bag (I started it last weekend but figured soon that I would ran out of yarn , so I dyed some more which will hopefully be close in colour, and I'll add it to the last part of the bag). And some more knitting in Lorelei. I'm starting the annoying part now, where I split for the arms and thus have to start knitting & purling again (no more knitting in the round - I would use steeks but part of the yarn is cotton-blend and I don't trust my sewing skills to steek that way). That takes me ages, especially those 4 rows with 3 colours in them!

By the way, my colleague asked me on Wednesday if I hadn't knit enough socks yet! :D Enough socks? Never!

Anyway, lots of knitting planned, let's hope I can get it done. I was planning a lot of knitting yesterday as I didn't make it to my LYS, but I have horrible back pains and I hope it'll get better soon!

Ok, I need to get a bit of work done now! :D


Blogger Angelika said...

It's funny with the stereotype of a knitter. It seems they all need to be at least 70, wear glasses and have their hair in a bun? I always get asked what I'm making and if I'm pregnant or making booties. There are other things we can knit, but what do "they" know.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Eva said...

I'm not even going to waste my breath commenting on the attitude of those vendors/shopper...

I am behind too on the 52-pair plunge, but I think I'll start knitting lots of baby socks soon hehehe. That way I'll be able to catch up.

Cheers Eva

6:47 PM  

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