Friday, September 21, 2007

Hobby fair

Last Thursday I went to a hobby fair in Mechelen. It's the biggest in Belgium, and the best if you ask me (I have to add though that I only go to fairs in the Flemish part, so I don't know about the French part of Belgium).

I wasn't feeling to well and when I arrived there I started feeling even worse as it was crowded. Most people were in the older range (50 and up) and not so friendly. Pushing you aside and all that. I don't know why this is but at fairs these older people always seem to be so annoying. While I usually have nothing against these people at all!! The fighting starts at the entry to buy a ticket - like you wouldn't get in if you didn't push everyone aside - and it continues at all the boots. The amount of younger people on weekdays is usually quite smaller.

I had told myself I wouldn't buy to much. I'm always tempted to buy a ton of craft supplies but I hardly do crafts these days. And I have plenty of yarn to go by. Plus the boyfriend and I had a discussion earlier that week about saving money and all (to put on a savings account) and that kept going through my mind (I live by the philosophy that it all can be over tomorrow and I want to enjoy my life now - as long as I have nothing to save money for I won't do it).

So, I didn't really enjoy it. What's the use of looking at the boots if you can't get anything? I only needed some sewing thread to add buttons to a little baby sweater I knitted. Nothing else really. The only boot I really didn't want to miss was Klaziens Kreatie as she's the only one with decent yarns.

Basically there were a few yarn stands, but all frizzy acrylic yarns and nothing of real value. One stand had some 100% wool (tweed) at sale, but as I didn't have a project in mind and I couldn't think of a use at that point I passed it on. It was some old yarn they probably found in storage somewhere, because all the other yarn was the standard acrylic stuff.

You have to know I never liked these yarns for knitting scarfs or anything. I don't even like it if it's wool. And unfortunately we don't seem to move on from this. It's all acrylic.

There was some Regia yarn to be found, but Regia has no nice brown colours in their solids (what I was looking for) and I really couldn't bring meself to buy much but this :

Regia 6ply Polar - socks for the boyfriend

Regia 4ply - Kaffe Fasett collection in Landscape (I think).

Then there was this stand that had Gedifra at €3 instead of the regular €5,95 per 50gr ball, so I bought this :

Fashion Trend Sportivo - socks for the boyfriend (I already have some for myself from before)

See whom I tought of most? He does like his handknit socks and I had to throw one of his 3 pairs out lately as it was totally worn and I don't mend these socks.

Anyway, I got this for me :


Various colours of Shetlands Wolle as an addition to the huge collection I already have. The idea still is a top down pullover with a turtle neck and some colour work. It's based the the pullover of a friend of mine, which I really liked. I still need to work it out. I seem to a have a weird love for orange these days (I usually hate orange) but I think it has to do with fall colours. I like the more brown-orange anyway.

Arwetta Sockyarn (Merino/nylon). The green and pink are for striped socks, the blues and white for some sort of - yet to be determined - colourwork.

The newest addition of her collection : Softsilk (100% silk). 2 skeins to try out. Don't ask me about the green. It's normally not my colour but I kept picking it back up. We'll see what it becomes.

I bought a few other things but all in all I was pretty good in keeping myself from buying. I loved all the beads but I know I usually don't end up doing much with them anyway. So some beads, but the bigger ones for some knitting (I kept looking for suitable beads for Lorelei but nothing I found fit over the Wool/cotton. It's to late for the sweater now but maybe for something else that needs bigger beads).

Back to knitting now!


Blogger AnneV said...

Oh.My.God. You were so right about this fair - I couldn't agree more about the annoying "little" details. I went there with a friend of mine, and we took a bus from the railway station. The bus became full and there were about five people who had to stay behind and wait for the next one. We stood there for about 10 minutes and ladies of certain age were arriving from all directions... and when the next bus came, me and my friend almost missed that one, too, because everybody was pushing us aside and just fighting their way inside.

And the yarns - what a disappointment. (not that I was really looking for anything to buy, but the acrylic balls were just so sad there.) Next year, I don't think I'll even bother to go there any more. I've been to Mechelen or Antwerp since 1998 or so, but lately there hasn't been any real inspiration there.

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